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    I thought about this a long time ago and IMO, there should be 4 to 5 classes for each type on vehicle. Still way too many classes but it really needs to be uniformed and easily identified by any onlooker or media. Use a four digit numbering system. The first digit can be vehicle type. The...
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    55gl drum truck bed fuel tower

    Yea, not trying to compare to a pressure pro. OP was looking to use drum towers, just showing a different option for drum fueling or dump cans.
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    55gl drum truck bed fuel tower

    We pit for a very thirsty class 7 (2mpg) and at San Felipe last year we switched from dump cans to dual fuel transfer pumps straight out of steel fuel drums to 1.5 hose to a wye to a 2 inch hose and fuel nozzle. Fuel stop was 80 gallons under 2 minutes and not a drop spilled.
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    Would you rather, Mint or ultra4 KOH?

    100k purse for Class 11s. Start them as soon as the T1 trucks finish.
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    BITD 6100 rules for 2020....

    Would a v-drive be considered an underdrive? Can a mid engine ls3/t400 truck run in this class?
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    Can dying classes be revived?

    My thoughts on bringing the "dying classes" back in the big races is to seperate the big boys main event and the slower classes to different days. The dying classes dont seem to have an issue in smaller local races. At events like the Baja 1000, bikes and limited classes can start at sunrise on...
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    What GPS to buy?

    Leadnav Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    At what point ?

    There should be a minimum pace that has to be kept for every class, not just motorcycles, for it to be fair. A rolling checkpoint closing time for each class just like every arcade racing video game. Why is the most well prepped, best supported, and most expensive trophy truck class, allowed a...
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    Emergency radio in Baja

    Yes it is, sorry forgot to add that. You can also use 462.7125 on uhf band radios. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Emergency radio in Baja

    Just wanted to put it out there for people exploring the outdoors in baja, whether hiking, biking, prerunning or camping. If you need emergency help, there has been a new initiative being put out by Baja California emergency services and search and rescue. It is called Canal 7-7 for use on frs...
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    Coast to Coast

    Anybody racing the Record Ensenada to Sand Felipe race coming up. Always one of my favorite races cause they pull like 30 class 11s Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
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    We need a Droogsma Device in offroad racing.

    Led flares are only $20 each, everybody should have a few until a better system is implemented.
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    We need a Droogsma Device in offroad racing.

    A better solution could be a radar detector and a small k band transmitter like in an older garage door opener. The radar detector can show the direction the signal is coming from and the garage door opener has a range of about 300-500 ft
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    We need a Droogsma Device in offroad racing.

    They sell a variety of led road flares that police departments are starting to use, they can stay on for ever and are really rugged. What about a pair of those on every car and one on every person that gets out of the vehicle that turns on when the window net or seatbelt come off. They even sell...
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    TT future

    I think it'll take alot of money and major engineering but hybrid awd traction controlled conversion kits could be made for many trophy trucks. A 400hp aluminum electric motor, although expensive, can weigh the same or less as a transfer case. And then is it just battery placement and...