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  • hi samantha, it was an honor to take care of the boys. we love racing so they were like movie stars in my house and in crandon. they are the best in the business. no chula this time, but maybe primm. with school back in, it is hard for me to travel because of my job. have fun and take care:) mk
    Yep, I'm a dork! I can't wait to go race with you guys. Are you guys testing tomorrow? I'm driving Barlows semi
    to Chula Vista in the morning.

    Hey Sam, Been Surfing a lot! And Then went fishing. I'm back!!......thanks Team Mate!
    Wow, no way I just read that!
    Dropped the fenders off to get painted. The guy told me five-hundred and fifty reasons why I don't have a race truck. Now my banker will tell me the same.
    Ahhhhh aren't you due for your weekly post? O ya its only Monday, never mind........ignore the man behind the green bronco.
    Its not: we just met for our Tuesday cup of joe. His ticker isn't pumping blood the way it should. Keep him and his wife in your prayers. He has become a real good friend/brother to me.
    What can I say: Its taken you 4 months to post 3 times? I need to have nimrod give you a lesson in Post/Visit ratio.
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