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    It is now the year 2021...

    I was told that all the off road trucks and parts that were owned by Mike Jenkins were talked about being bought and brought to the Midwest. It supposedly included several pro 4s. It might just be a rumor, but it was right around the time I started seeing pictures of K***gan Kin**d and Ja**y...
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    Crandon for Christmas

    It actually existed in the 1980’s before Red Bull. It was called Riverside California. We would travel all the way from Crandon to Riverside where the best would take on the best. It wasn’t about points races back then either. Jump ahead 10 years or so to the 90’s, Crandon started to fill the...
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    Doubt about LOORRS and LucasOilTV

    I was listening to a conversation at fall run about the people who own Monster Jam want into short course. I don’t know if it’s the same people but they were referring to FELD a lot in the conversation. It sounded like their was people majorly interested in coming in and bringing in some...
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    Doubt about LOORRS and LucasOilTV

    I’m not sure about prolite cost, but they were great to watch at Crandon. They looked just as fast as the pro 2’s for the most part. Jarrett Brooks looked like he was riding a rocket.
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    I talked to Rob Mac about an engine rule change and it did not sound like they were changing and if they do their are going to be some unhappy pro 2 west coast guys. I can see their point of not wanting to have to change because of the investment of the engines they already have.
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    Doubt about LOORRS and LucasOilTV

    No need to worry. The west teams will go broke trying to travel to the Midwest and the Midwest teams cannot afford to travel west for all the western races. Not enough money. If you looked around at Crandon this weekend, not much for Lucas Oil banners. By looking at things, you’d never know it...
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    Kid Rock concert was balls out awesome! Main Street event/ parade was huge.
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    Bryce racing?
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    TORC Crandon

    I wish the utv people would contact Crandon and set up some utv racing for Labor Day.
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    TORC Crandon

    Rumor here is Sunday fall will not be a Torc event. It will be a "Energy Drink" special event championship of some sort. That opens the door for Loors drivers because anything that is Torc will be taken down. Sounds like Torc is fully supporting of this idea. Not sure of the details but it...
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    TORC new owners

    Crandon can do what they want. They are not tied to a contract to the new Torc. When BJ took over, Crandon had other people interested in signing with Crandon but decided to sign with BJ. The post P Daily made was close to being a reality. They were concerned that it would hurt Bark River and...
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    Leduc or Greaves

    Yes Kyle did get into the back of Keegan. Kyle talked about it in his interview. To me Kyle looked bad fast but very inpatient and made lots of contact with CJ and Keegan. As people talk about CJ and Kyle, keep in mind that CJ could not get past Keegan likewise Kyle. Keegan's first time in a...
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    TORC News, Blogs, and Updates

    Brad Lovell moving to pro 2 , Keegan moving to pro2, maybe a few more prolite guys moving into pro2. That is great news. It is very healthy for prolite to have guys moving up.
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    LOORRS - Bench Racing - Info - Media

    Kyle won the cup, Johnny's going to get it back!!