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    Official SCORE Baja 1000 thread - 2014

    Hot foot'in it already. He'll never see La Paz. :) 701x not Class 7, Class 700X is Dirt Bikes Ironman.
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    Official SCORE Baja 1000 thread - 2014

    Dose anyone know what happened to #701x Alexander Smith?
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    I can't find a way to edit it. Please give me a clue.

    I can't find a way to edit it. Please give me a clue.
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    Los Ancianos Enduro Dec. 6, 2014

    Back by Popular Demand, The Los Ancianos MC will be doing the Enduro again in Baja this year, December 6th and starting conveniently at Rancho Santa Veronica just outside Tecate, BC. If you love to ride or race in Baja, or you love single track, this Enduro is for you. Don't hesitate, there's a...
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    Mint 400 outhouse layout?

    Are you Fing Kidding me! $10.00 per car to view the Mint race. Isn't it our desert? I've got one word for you…BAJA! F..K these hippie liberals! I want to be able to use MY DESERT!
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    Baja 1000: Shortcut for the slower classes

    Hay guys and gals...sorry I couldn't read every post but know one said a thing about the Check Point Crews and Pit Crews, AKA: Mag 7, Baja Pits, Honda Pits, BFG Pits. Remember all these guys are doing this for free! Keep in mind that at the current Time Out rate we are doing a 40+ hour...
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    Baja 1000 Pre Run Pictures?

    Let's see some pictures of the course from RM-400 to RM-650. RAKsandiego
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    baja 1000 vs HS football what to do.

    43mod...your wrong. The question isn't if you can do both, that's selfish. As you know, in Baja so many things can and will go wrong and you would more than likely miss your sons last High School football game no matter how you figure your logistics. Even if everything goes right and you make...
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    Changes Coming (For Bikes) at 2013 SCORE Baja 1000

    Hey RW, dose this mean Jim ONeal will have to race with the "REAL" Pro's in 2014? If so, I don't think he'll be able to buy Factory Riders to get him another victory. :) RAK
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    Baja ta mystery

    BFG makes their tires in groups. The size you are asking about may only be made once a year with a limited number of tires produced. Last year I ordered my tires two months before the Baja 1K. I'm running 16's on my 2003 F-250. I went on the BFG website and called their customer service, they...
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    New Baja Social Club Film Trailer

    1) When will it be out? 2) Where will it be shown...TV or Theaters? Great Job Marty!!!!!! RAK
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    Baja 500 prerun course highlight ((((video))))

    Nice video! But, I think you were going a little to fast for pre-running on the Ojos and Mikes roads. I'm positive that you couldn't have swerved fast enough to avoid a head on with a rancher or cow. I know, now everyone can bash me but this happens every year as it did this 500. Just make sure...
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    Threat to close a vecinal road used in the Baja 500... help is needed..

    There you have.......Ol' Curmudgeon sounds guilty to me. I posted the first week about pre-runners "RACING" out of Ojos. Hate to say it, I told you so. S..t like this will be the end of SCORE dumbs asses. Lets work together and find this kook and book him Dano.
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    500 prerun reports

    I just completed a little ride down south and I still can't believe how many ROOKIES are Pre-RACING on the course. I was about 20 miles south of Ojos today and was taking a break in a twisty part of the course and I watched bikes, Quads and buggies racing down the course at full speed around...
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    Valle T to Pacific access

    YES, it's the old race course. It drops you out at the military check point on Mex 1. It should be crowded on race day so drive safe and slow. Generally there will be ranchers asking for money to pass.....$5.00 will get you through even thou it's not their road but it dose keep them happy. RAK