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    Rear Airbumps?

    I'd say get some 4" polyurethane bumps and run it, you already have three stages of compression, I think that's plenty for your little tacoma
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    Using a Heim at the top of a toyota spindle?

    A good reason to use a uniball instead of the heim is because it is stronger, the heim has a weak point at the end of the threads and could shear off.
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    Rim size.............

    Ya, 15x7's for sure, it makes the tire tuck in at the rim and it looks awesome
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    Hiem Covers

    Check out Aircraft Spruce in Corona, I remeber seeing rod end dust covers in their catalog a while back.
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    Toyota Idler Arm ?'s

    Re: Toyota Idler Arm ?\'s I machined up some custom delirin bushings for my toyota and it tightened up the steering real nice and I never had to replace them after that, granted I only had it for 4 months after that but still. Take apart your idler arm and measure the inside bore of the...
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    where can I buy a tube bender?

    Contact Donahoe racing and pick up a desert tool one, I don't know what model 3 is but he has everything from racheting benders to full vertical hydraulic set ups, they are awesome benders to work with to, give DR a call, late
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    When you have stacked springs I believe you add up both the spring rates and divide by 4
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    .120 or .09 tubing?

    Well .120" weighs alot more than .09" but I think you mean .90". It all depends on what part of the bumper your building, for instance, the side kickers could be built out of .90" no problem, also if you are connecting the bumper to the motor cage or the bed cage I would use .120" for the...
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    Long-Travel TTB

    Get some Donahoe racing extended radius arms, save up and extend the beams 3 inches, mount a coilover and your done, you could probably pull 19" out of that setup.
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    Bump Stop cans

    Use at least .120 wall tubing and make sure the I.D. of the tubing whatever you use is 2"
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    deaver f150 pack

    Do yo guys have or are you going to ever build a set of springs for c1500's, if you need a prototype vehicle, let me know...
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    A-arm numbers

    The last thing you want is to keep the castor positive, run that anywhere from -6 to -10 degress (these are just ballpark figures, I have no idea what you are building), there is no set number really for bump steer, just try to eliminate it as much as possible, that has to do with the tie rod...
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    Shock angle for spring setup

    Actually Erik, it is not as effiecient when laid at an angle because the shock will have to work harder given the same size bump and it will also build up more heat because the shaft speed becomes greater when the shock is angled in comparison to having it cycle in a 1:1 ratio
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    Shock angle for spring setup

    Shocks are usually angled forward so that you don't need an 18 inch travel shock if you have 18 inches of travel, you can get away with running a 14 or 16 inch stroke. The angle changes the ratio of wheel travel to shock travel, the more it is angled, the shorter the shock needs to be, however...
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    Baja t/a's VS. Mud t/a's

    Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s I had 35" baja's on my chevy for a while and I will never run them on a street truck again, like john said, they are loud, get flat spots and you feel every little bump in the road, if you want to see how they ride, air up your current tires to about 20 psi over...