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    Unethical deal on classifieds. Ad# 90240

    THAT, I totally understand...............................
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    Unethical deal on classifieds. Ad# 90240

    Didn't you guys notice that the date on the original post was 2015 ?????
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    Bringing Back Racing to Plaster City

    I wasn't implying that yourself or SCORE didn't do your due diligence and not follow a proven formula to promote racing in the Imperial Valley. I think we'd all agree that Fud was a unique individual that found a niche in the Valley. Fud races always reminded me of a "club" race that was run...
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    Bringing Back Racing to Plaster City

    I believe that Fud had the right idea. Educate the City Officials and local business owners in El Centro/Brawley of the benefits of hosting a race at Plaster City. hotels/motels, restaurants, grocery stores, liquor stores, auto parts stores, etc. and let them exert some pressure on BLM to make...
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    Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

    Except in it's debut race at Laughlin when we had to replace the clutch, or was it the throw out bearing.....and in front of the production crew filming "Dirt"
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    16 car body

    With the Cactus Racing and the RHL Communications decals it probably was a San Diego/Imperial Valley car.
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    How do you organize your chase truck?

    You never identified whether you have a standard p/u bed or a utility bed, regardless, it sounds like you are on a budget, and almost all of us are, and therefore the beautiful and well equipped trucks that are pictured are probably somewhere in your future. I suggest storage crates in a...
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    Who misses the ol days racing desert??

    I was fresh back from the service and my first off-road race was pitting for some friends running the 1970 Baja 500. We got to El Rosario on Friday night and I spent the night sleeping on Mrs. Espinosa's front door steps with a mangy 3 legged dog. When I asked how long we'd be there, the...
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    Bill Hrynko

    Bill was a house painter by trade and an off-road racer by desire. Bill fell off a ladder painting a house and since the car, a Chenowth Class 2 car was prepped Ivan drove the Ensenada race and won. After that, Ivan and Bill teamed up for several races and were very successful with Ivan doing...
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    Pre checks before first dune run

    First of all...remember it is NOT a race truck. so take it easy on the "jumps and whoops". Get to know your truck before trying to do any hero TT stuff. As far as prep, carefully go over the ENTIRE suspension, both front and rear....tighten and inspect ALL suspension parts and look for...
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    look what i just got!..old school Class 1!

    How does the hood fit with the new shock towers ??
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    knock offs?..where to find

    I believe that the originals were from Culbert Automotive Engineering, CAE, a well known Sprint Car manufacturer in San Diego that unfortunately has been closed for many years.
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    knock offs?..where to find

    These are available from So-Cal Speed shop. If they aren't what you want, maybe So-Cal can provide additional info
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    Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

    This car was designed and built by Tom McClelland. Tom was a pioneer off-road racer that won many races driving with Andy DeVercelly. The car originally had a 289 Ford engine with Gurney-Weslake heads and the spaghetti 8 pipe exhaust had an awesome sound. A roller chain drive transferred the...