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  • Hey Joel, I have to pick your brain on this one,"Emulsion shocks are like cooking steak in the microwave."
    How many minutes are we talking about if we set the microwave on high?
    Hey Joel,
    this is Ted that raced with JC in plaster city.
    are you going to be down in ensenada for the 500?
    if you are, let me know where, I am in the town of Uruapan. if you are coming this way we'll hook up.
    Let me know what's up.
    Joel, sorry I missed you at the ORAF 500. Did you bring the trailer? I didn't notice it. I'm sure Lee Bob says, "Hey!"
    Just wanted to send some props your way! The Bilsteins worked awesome at BAP and helped us to another win for Rose racing and Bilstein! Thanks for the dedication, and knowlege to keep us winning!

    Haha thanks. Will I be seeing you in Laughlin next week? Shall I stop by the 7-11 and pick up a gallon of Boone's Farm? Bubblegum flavor, right? LMAO
    Joel, Lee and I will have his car out at Plaster City West Tuesday afternoon 12/29, then back out Wednesday morning. I have ONLY tested at West, never East, why? I don't know, but we sure would like to take advantage of you. :) FYI: the Coyote is a 10 car-sized LS-engined Unlimited. 3200+/- lbs. wet, race ready. Strapped at 20" front and rear. Bypasses and coilovers each corner, with coil carriers all offering some dampening, rear also has hydraulic bump stops. Recent test session over moderately rough terrain showed us using about 2/3 of our front travel, 7/8 of rear travel. No big, fast "whoopers," as LeeBob likes to call 'em, like at PC though.

    When and where might we hope to meet with you, kind sir?
    Happy Birthday! Looks like I'll be buying the first beer, champagne, crown or whatever it is your drinking in Ensenada! Have a great day - see you next week.
    I am building a 79 bronco. I was told you would know which bilstein's would work best for the rear. Partybarge suggested a 12" "weld" shock. My plan is deavers and camburg's shackles. Any thoughts?
    I don't know how it took me this long to realize you were "Joel from Bilstein". My team has thrown your name around so may times I am a bit embarrassed I never put two and two together.... I wanted to thank you for your support of our Lemons Project. We really appreciate your help and hope to bring home a win on behalf of our sponsors and ourselves. Thanks Joel.

    Its not a problem on the shock weld, Mike asked if I could do it and I said not a problem just tell me where to lay the bead, he is a awesome guy and it is the least I could have done. I would do it for anyone just to see them take the green flag! If you guys are ever in need with another situation like that I am always willing to help. We just lucked out at Parker as our shop is there with the welder. See you at TT 250 at Primm if you head out to support your Bilstien teams!
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