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    need seal kit for a bilstein blackhawk ASAP IN VEGAS for the mint 400

    I moved to the Bay Area and changed positions from thyssenkrupp blistein to thyssenkrupp elevator. Plan on attending some races and doing some stuff down the road but focused on learning elevators for now. -Joel
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    Bilstein valve rating recommendations

    Shoot me an email and I can get you going In the right direction valving wise. [email protected]
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    Racing legend Frank Arciero dies

    Gone too soon, godspeed.
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    Shock Oil?

    This is correct, generally Bilstein off road race applications use F&L red. Standard Bilstein oil is well proven worldwide for everything that dosent see the temps get to 250+ for extended periods. Ragarding temps taken on a Bilstein they should be measured at the black aluminum top cap or...
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    Robby Gordon Caption Contest

    Where is that Toyo technician when I need him...
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    Setting up Bump Stops and Limit Straps?

    The street going shocks usually have a rebound cushion to prevent noise but its not intended to take repeated full droop yanking.
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    King of the Hammers 2012

    KOH is not an event to miss. The real fun will start around the 2nd when the teams start arriving from across the country and continue past race day.
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    Shock tuning day - Lucerne

    The Bilstein shock tuning trailer will be conducting suspension tuning at the Soggy Dry Lake in Lucerne Valley on Friday 9/30/2011 through Saturday 10/1/2011. Please contact the Off Road/ Motorsports Technical Supervisor Joel Ward at 858-386-5900 or email [email protected] to confirm your...
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    F-150 Leveling

    Think of the Bilstein as a leveling kit with a free shock and it makes much more sense.
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    Mini Stock Suspension Questions

    The shocks pictured are twin tube while the Bilstein is a monotube. Twin and mono are not even in the same performance category although for the layman they might look similar.
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    Have you seen the Dirt Kings mag cover?

    Never heard of this magazine or knew my company was advertizing there. I cant speak officially for one company on this list but will pass on the feedback from the RDC community to the marketing department.
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    Look what I found! 2001 Mini Metal Bash - SCORE Primm 300 VIDEO

    Great find! The 1st truck off the line (Jeremy Johnson) is now the Rose Racing truck piloted by Robbie Cockrell that just won the SNORE Midnight special.
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    Fox Evol or Elkas ???

    We affectionately call it the pissed off farm quad.
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    Fox Evol or Elkas ???

    The race team that ran the Bilsteins last weekend were reportedly grinning from ear to ear and finished 3rd with the new setup.
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    Fox Evol or Elkas ???

    That sounds like something I would say... Contact Ryan Wheeler at Epic racing for more info on the Bilstein 450 and 700 Bilstein products. The Bilstein patented Anti Cavitation Valve (ACV) works amazingly well on these bikes.