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  • Sorry I've been so long in replying, but "Yep" until next year. I've been busy with training a new pointer pup and the winter snows have not hindered us. It's been a long time since I had a gun-dog. Again, sorry for the tardiness. Cheers!
    Thanks for the rep point Randy. I'm so inept at this forum business that I didn't notice your comment until today when I saw numbers beneath my name indicating changes. :) Sorry for the delay and thanks again. I enjoy participating in the areas where I have interest and an occasional...note, OCCASIONAL insight.

    Allen Russell
    I know Jeff, John from Alumicraft, good peeps. the young TK champ is having a rough single buggy season though, don't ya think? I wish he would podium, but I don't see it. no harm no foul.
    Hope I have the right Randy..lol Mom and Dad want to know if you'll be in Perris the 20th. (Rollie and Terry).
    Hey Randy, your car looks great. I was looking at it last year at Chula Vista in staging. I wish I could talk my sponsors into moving me up to Pro Buggy. Those Alumacrafts are really nice. Are you running a Honda or Toyota?
    Thanks for the Rep !! I am learning alot about the industry and look forward to the trucks coming together. If I am allowed I will post some photos when possible.
    Thanks for the Rep! I drove by that field this morning, I thought I should have stopped and taken a picture for my fans!
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