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    Pro4 Sponsorship Needed

    Please repeat after me: "Get Some!!!" wish us luck this weekend, I am ready now!
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    Pro4 Sponsorship Needed

    Wanted to thank everyone who has helped us. This is going to be a great season, and very excited about it. Thanks again for the big and the small, cannot thank the RDC community. Come visit us at the races, it is going to be epic. BTW, the pit carts are finally done. Went way to far with...
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    Pro4 Sponsorship Needed

    Thanks, it is EVVO from last year. Great Truck!
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    Pro4 Sponsorship Needed

    We are still looking for some help, not looking for cash, but great product support. Thoughts? Beverages? Tie down straps (MACS?) Oils Clothing Printing Hoses and fittings Tear offs, small tools, specialty items you want to showcase? Consumable items that we need to run the season and...
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    Best Dakar I have seen yet

    I have seen the comments, but this is the best courses I have seen. Those years of road courses that you needed 4WD to win a stage are not present in the first six stages. Hats off to the directors that made the courses. Great APP Great coverage Wish I was there as a traveling spectator...
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    Dakar '18 -Stage 2- Pisco > Pisco

    I truly feel for Bryce. Trip/experience of a lifetime that hopefully he bounces back from and has the funding to do again next year. The list is absent of American Flags, hopefully one day someone can bring home the gold. Thanks Bryce for the effort, and know that it will come one day.
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    R-Evvo Testing has begun

    Thanks to Kyle, we are going to attack the full season next year. Cannot wait Randy
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    Old School Pic, Who do you reognize?

    Dan Ashcraft
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    On Topic CORR Pomona

    Found a fully preserved race program in a box this last weekend. Good memories. That was my first race weekend, met a lot of great people that I still know today. Met Huseman at the post race CORR review committee. What a humble human being. RIP A great weekend I will never forget. Randy.
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    Dakar 2017 Stage 10 Chilecito - San Juan

    didn't Stephan hit a bike in a water crossing years ago? then he didn't stop.
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    187 foot Jump in the Oregon dunes!

    Crazy flat landing. Here is mine:
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    Best way to start?

    Rent first, or for a whole season.
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    On Topic You hit a spectator, what happens next?

    what if I was in that situation? I COULD NOT LIVE WITH MYSELF, ULTIMATELY IT WAS MY FAULT Does SCORE have their back? I AM SURE THEY WOULD HELP, BUT I MADE THE CHOICE TO RACE DOWN THERE. Are you guilty until proven innocent? YES, OR MONEY MAKES YOU INNOCENT AND FREE. My greatest fear is...
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    When its time to stop racing

    I agree on the time to move on to another class or change it up. We all need a different perspective every once and a while. Priorities in life/family should be at the top of the list. Don't race if you are starving your family out of quality of life.
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    FTW - Flashback FRIDAY Reno Nevada

    I love that track!!!! Chula Vista-2 is a close 2nd.