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    Frame CAD Files

    do automakers actually use solidworks or autocad? i thought they used big expensive softwares like catia or even custom ones.
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    hey dump, did you use solidworks or autodesk inventor? thanks
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    i have autodesk inventor and i saw this pic of a tire drawn in solidworks it has all the right tread etc. how would you draw the tread like that in solidworks or inventor w/out having to draw each knob of the tread one at a time?:confused: thanks
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    SUV or Truck?

    whats the wheel base of the ford explorer vs a extended cab ranger?
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    Tragic shooting at VA Tech

    my sister goes to va tech
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    spherical bearings

    says right here:
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    4WD in Desert Trucks: Pictures & Information

    that would be nice. do you mean you raised it 2.5" that seems like a small amount for such large amounts of travel. pretty sweet!
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    hubs, axles, uprights

    better yet how do i make custom axles from scratch? thanks for all replys
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    4WD in Desert Trucks: Pictures & Information

    that looks nice but how much did you lift it to get that much travel?
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    CV Joint Angles

    what about making them not out of cast iron? cast steal? thanks
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    CV Joint Angles

    just a question, what about using a double cardon cv joint? what problems if any does that have? thanks
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    Ford TTB vs Straight Axle

    just a question why does ttb handle better than SAS for high speed stuff? thanks
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    new a-arm design

    my point would be to use this criss crossed A-arm design to even the travel from front to back on say a trophy truck. most trophy trucks have way more travel in the back than they do the front. fenders would be a problem when increasing uptravel b/c unlike the rear tires that can go inside the...
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    hubs, axles, uprights

    what do i need to make my own axles from scratch? i have access to a CNC lathe if necessary. thanks
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    hubs, axles, uprights

    what do i need to make my own chromolly axles? also i had a couple questions involving an idea i had for a 4wd A-arm suspension: instead of buying expensive 4wd racing hubs would taking some off the front of a dana 60 or something be a good idea? also what about using...