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  • Thank you!!! I'm looking quite forward to it. only about 3 weeks to go....

    I'll be sure to share pictures!
    Hey dude..thanks for the back. I can't believe he said that rude, unfounded and incorrect crap to me...I got more than a little pissed.
    Thank you very much, Josh! I'll measure the Coyote's engine bay and get back to you. It won't be today cuz the car's in Phoenix and the garage's owner is in Barstow.

    WARNING to nefarious lurkers: he has several large dogs with excellent dentistry and his wife shoots from the hip!
    I like you, Kid! Now go read to that daughter! I swear it will be of benefit to both of you, plus your wife will think it's sweet. BTW, how old will your daughter be when you teach her to shoot? I was three, received my first rifle at five after demonstrating to my father that I could field-strip it, clean it and put it back together without any left over parts.

    And how heavy is that .50? Is that your primary tool and do you carry an assault weapon or just a pistola? Did the Ft. Hood attack change procedure re: ammo or ?
    Struck me as uncalled for and bordering on xenophobia, Josh! I call 'em like I see 'em! Steeeeeeeerike! I'll give it back if you send me a sack of $20's or post a goody! :D
    "Who would vote down on that? Please let the group know how you like dudes?" Some statist on rdc does not like my outspoken positions on politics and logic, Josh. I even get voted down when I post advice re; old VW motors. I shine on for most of it, sometimes take the posters/voters to task, but will not be silenced. Thanks for your interest and service, once again.
    Are you kidding me!!! You are in the military and you are pro muslim!!??
    Does your c.o. Know your position!!!
    Josh, thanks for your service! I run Baja.net, DirtMob.com and 'am about to debut a new site and I invite you to join our online community at DirtMob.com. We have a strict adherence to quality and attitude there with many of our community either active, reserve or retired military. I think you will enjoy your interaction. Thanks
    Hey, Josh! I strongly recommend you find a copy, and read, "The Bookseller of Kabul" by Asne Seirestad, before you deploy there again. As they say, know thine enemy, and forewarned is forearmed. Really gets inside the Afghan culture in a way nothing else I've seen has.
    Surprisingly for a desert, there's lots of interest in Hockey around PHX, my first friend in AZ hailed from Bemidji. Gretsky was involved with the local team til its recent bankruptcy. I used to run camera at sporting events back in the 70's and 80's, and can tell you it's the hardest sport to cover well ever. I'm 55 now and have lost interest in most sports other than Off road racing anymore, and most of my focus there is on my own team now after covering off road racing for print and video since 1983. I still occasionally cover races upon request form certain publishers. Never did care much for ball sports, and, actually, like Hemingway, don't consider an activity as a sport if you can't get killed doing it. The rest are just games.
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