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  • Definetely, we're gonna need alot of help, I only want to do the loop races when we start
    Well this won't happen until my roommate moves, he takes up 95% of the house with his stuff aka crap... My brother comes out of the navy next month and we want to get it ready to race the safari class in CODE, cheapest class I can think of
    How good do you rate your welding "skills" ? I need to make some mods to my buggy to get a fuel safe in it, and a few other things to get it sportsman ready
    thats pretty cool man!.. i wish i was going to the 1000 so bad, but i cant =[..ya you need to get on that haha
    Thats cool man who do you chase for? Ya i know what you mean about money it sucks, i want to build something like you have going but older and race jeepspeed in it
    Jeep is always ready, Might have to re-wire my HID's though.. I have an old Suzuki quad racer... don't think I wanna take it out there, I don't have a trailer...
    cool, some courses, actually most, only allow golfers so we'll see...depends on what course I pick
    that would be cool!! So current would be the pic of it on the lift??

    ha ha nice call on the chatbox... I love the edit feature ;)
    Yeah...that Dana 30 up front proved to not be too terribly strong one you take the axle shafts out of it, that is a 94 Grand Cherokee that has been built up (we really didn't know what we were doing) and after multiple jumps and abuse, it kinda went....PLOP!!! LOL!!!!
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