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    GPS waypoints for glamis .usr and .GPX

    HA HA HA that's my google drive!!!!
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    Textron XX Price

    Bass Pro shops no haggle price $17,999 (would be about $22k out the door most likely) ATVs - Side by Sides - TRACKER OFF ROAD Otherwise most dealers are $18-24 depending on model and warranty. Most out the door are around $22k
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    Mapcreate 6.3 not recognizing card/reader

    yep for the past six years it has taken me hours and hours to get the reader to work, never fully understanding how but sooner or later it comes to life. wierd... but you only need this to register a card once, if the card is registered then just load the files to the card from any reader and...
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    new addition to Stout Racing .......

    congrats Stout family see you at the 425\m/ deano IS TMZ of the desert:p
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    Happy b-day deano

    ata boy taking age one day at a time
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    Hey guys Clydes Parker video is SIK

    Hey guys Clydes Parker video is SIK
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    Clyde Stout TT13 Video

    Clyde as always it was awesome to be part of team, Jake really understands how to get us lined up for our jobs. Main pit was fun and relaxing this race, Laughlin was high power stress for some reason... Can't wait for the next race! Marc
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    Desert Bar

    been there a few times can't wait to go back this weekend BRING CASH! no credit out there
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    LDC Clyde Stout TT#13 In Car Day 2

    Nice recap Deano:D i had a great time helping out, just say the word and we are down to help any time! We do need to switch up the party days though;)
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    True Grit Grand Champ!! #13 Stout!!

    Congrats Clyde! Can't wait to help out more this season.
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    behind the scenes with clyde stout on TI on way to baja

    You guys need to get me on the program! I know your in Baja now, but PRIMM was great helping you out. Hit me "PM" up for contact info. That testing day would have been a blast. Deano why aren't you keeping me in the loop buddy? Marc Scatena
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    Scatman here, finally signed up no more lurking for me

    What's up Dezert People? I've been lurking long enough and now its time to be a part of the community! First off thanks to; Dean-O DAR Prep-by-Jake TT#13 Clyde and the DA for putting up with a tag along for the last few years. I'm willing to help out MORE so sign me up for more WORK!