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    Speed Pre-Order

    Tom (i'm sure you already know this) with out the EPA, CARB they would just be like any other custom off-road non-titled vehicle and in California would be SPCN "Special Construction". They wouldn't fall under any other rules either for OHV, UTV, ROV, etc... so financing and insurance is a...
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    Speed Pre-Order

    Side panels
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    Speed Pre-Order

    Some new images for ya'll, SpeedSXS was asking for input on what design looked best :eek: Grill options
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    Speed Pre-Order

    What if they just say F CARB and the ROV listings and sell you a vehicle that must be "Special Construction" in Cali but open OHV in other states, more then 1000cc makes it what a ATV/SandRail/SPCN lots of other categories Like a sand rail or the other Chinese vehicles that are sold out of...
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    XX tech and parts thread

    At first I thought they were gonna be the ticket, since as the driver I didn't notice any difference (maybe a slight bit of extra shake). Then on the next ride with my wife (her first time in with the solids) I started the engine and she looked at me with a WTF was that look and I played it off...
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    XX tech and parts thread

    I did the solid mounts from Brute Force. The stock units were on backorder, so I get them to make a trip or two. Once my stock units showed up we went back to them. The solids caused way to much vibration for the passenger seat, no noticeable difference anywhere else. Only put about 150-200...
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    On Topic (UTV) Barstow to whisky petes

    GPS files GPX USR KML
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    GPS waypoints for glamis .usr and .GPX

    HA HA HA that's my google drive!!!!
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    Textron XX Price

    Bass Pro shops no haggle price $17,999 (would be about $22k out the door most likely) ATVs - Side by Sides - TRACKER OFF ROAD Otherwise most dealers are $18-24 depending on model and warranty. Most out the door are around $22k
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    Mapcreate 6.3 not recognizing card/reader

    yep for the past six years it has taken me hours and hours to get the reader to work, never fully understanding how but sooner or later it comes to life. wierd... but you only need this to register a card once, if the card is registered then just load the files to the card from any reader and...
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    new addition to Stout Racing .......

    congrats Stout family see you at the 425\m/ deano IS TMZ of the desert:p
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    Happy b-day deano

    ata boy taking age one day at a time
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    Hey guys Clydes Parker video is SIK

    Hey guys Clydes Parker video is SIK