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    Adidas Fire Suits or other recommendation?

    I've found that the whole Adidas product line is quality, and I'd put in on par with the premium products from Mastercraft, Sparco, Oakley etc. Also, Stand21 is also a good option, but those suits can get pretty spendy once you start building the suit how you want it. In my experience with a...
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    You are the "class rep"...shouldn't you be able to explain? Especially since the only rule changes that have been made were put in place to help you improve your truck? I asked very basic, rudimentary questions regarding the class rules and all I can get is a Ford commercial with a follow up...
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    Those facts are all well and good, but it doesn't really answer question on the matter. I love the Lifted and Silfted truck, and its cool they are doing the whole 2017 year, but my original question was in regards to the previous rule about block material and not about anyone's race plans. Would...
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    Can someone weigh in on why the 3.7 being allowed in Rangers? I'm not trying to stir the pot...but come on. From the outside looking in, sure there is a loophole in the rules since it technically came in a Ford truck, but not a Ranger. But what about block material? Throwing that motor in the...
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    Just re-introducing myself. Long-time RDC user, but have a new user name. Building a new vehicle and will mostly be lurking in the desert racing and classified sections. Thanks for the great platform to learn, RDC
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    Going to be switching over from another class to 7100. The class has great competitors and support from great companies, so it was an easy choice for us. We are going to be racing a new Chevrolet Colorado so we can mix it up a little with the Fords and Toyotas. There is not much in the way of a...