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    Please help me identify this Alternator

    agreed. definitely Dc Power
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    2021 Baja 1000 Talk

    was the bronco even that much of a show when it did appear? lol
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    2021 Baja 1000 Talk

    You got lucky! we have had a lot of problems crossing mexicali for any race besides the 250. have sat there literally for hours before while they tried to figure out how and if they were going to charge us taxes on everything!
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    2021 Baja 1000 Talk

    Dont you put that ju ju out in the world!
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    2021 Baja 1000 Talk

    But,.......... where is he going?
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    2021 Baja 1000 Talk

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    What ever happened to R.Acer?

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    CODE Hechicera Grand Prix Info & Videos

    Guess we will have to wait and see if that is just for this race, just for code, or if it is going to be a new rule moving forward for all races and organizations. Hopefully it is just for this one event.
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    2021 Baja 1000

    Baja Sur is not allowing gatherings still and they are thinking that they are going to have more covid problems next month because of spring break so they are not issuing permits. Dos Mares was also denied their permits. Baja 1000 is still a ways a way so hopefully their views will change by...
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    Any rumors on San Felipe 250

    I think high will be closer to 100. We are already getting back into the mid 80s next week and climate is usually about the same here just little less humid than SF. I hope to be wrong but either way, looking forward to it.
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    2021 Curt Leduc swap meet

    It say PROPANE fires only, so i would think probably not. Lakebed should be interesting for swapmeet. Hopefully no wind or storms
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    Sequential shifting

    I have over 80k miles on my Albins 5 speed and it has only been rebuilt 7 times (Ron doesn't exactly appreciate that). I would say probably 90% of the time I use the clutch because in my mind that is nicer to the trans.
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    Toyo Desert Challenge Presented by Monster at KOH 2021 - More classes and settling some grudge matches

    Verizon usually works pretty good out there. AT&T..... not so much
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    Dual Loop Format Returns for the Transaxle Engineering Challenge on Dec. 5

    Figured I would post these links here since nobody else has. We all know most of these rules are on the BS side. BUT It is the only way we can race right now unfortunately. Most of all the other upcoming races are getting cancelled or moved again. MORE is doing everything they can to keep people...
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    Protruck fluidyne radiator and oil cooler part numbers?

    The oil coolers are Fluidyne "Enduro" coolers and we always ran the Ron Davis radiators "protruck" model.