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    10 Car Transaxles Fortin vs Albins

    I currently own a FRS6 and have owned/raced a AGB Sequential 5 for approximately 5 seasons. Both are nicely made boxes. The Albins shifts with more precision, the dogs seem to engage with more bite. I've selected more false neutrals with the Fortin, but I like the pattern (with neutral through...
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    Mendi S4D vs Fortin vs Albins

    I run both the Albins S5 and the Fortin FRS6 in class 1 (although I'd not run the 6 in the US, the 5 has wider gears). I'll give my 2c. The Albins has required very little work. I'm wearing the side plates on the Torsen. Only because I race short course in my desert cars and using the cutting...
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    100ll Avgas Ok to run?

    AvGas has a regulated TEL content 3 times that of old (now banned) leaded gas. I ran it in my Jimco twin turbo until we pulled down one of the engines and noted a tonne of pilled lead in the exhaust ports. This is why we switched to E33, which ran cooler for the same HP and Ethanol doesn't...
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    Subarugears - Any experiences?

    We've had one Kiwi try a Subaru box mated to an asthmatic middy Toyota 2A. From memory he had problems holding the gears together. Caveat: This was a long time ago, in a land far far away.
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    Classifieds Search by days gone?

    I gather the days of RSS feeds are also gone?
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    Trophy Truck Gear Indicator

    John, the indicator can either be calculated from wheel speed or via a potentiometer on a sequential box. I'm not familiar with autos so I don't know if they can have a gear display. The calculated display is a little slow to respond and can sometimes get "confused" if there is a mismatch...
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    Fortin FRS6 puking and hard shifting.

    Sorry Jerry, had issues getting the shots from my phone. Sent email.
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    Fortin FRS6 puking and hard shifting.

    I'm running a FRS 6 mated to a turbo rotary engine. It's redlined to 8000RPM but I'll shift around 7000 RPM. It's puking redline from the breather. Approximately a quart every racing hour. I've increased the size of the breather line from -6 to -8 and the box fitting to suit, however this...
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    fortin trans and shifter linkage help

    Are you sure your shifter doesn't have a first gate lockout and that it's this that is faulty?
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    450whp Tatum 10 car?

    It's been quite some considerable period of time since I've updated this thread. Needless to say the Kiwi Tatum has been completed and been racing. We proved the rotary works well in offroad environments and has enough brute force to mix it with very high powered machines (although only briefly...
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    Opened my Fortin and This is what I saw.

    Water contamination?
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    what trans for a class 10 car

    My thoughts. The costs of a failed gearbox isn't simply that of repair of the gearbox. It's the loss of a race, the money spent on that race the potential loss of sponsor dollars (or opportunity of) should also be considered. It's not something that's easily quantifiable, however if you believe...
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    Ecotec Not Starting

    I'd say it's something pretty fundamental. Power to the ECU, Crank or Cam angle sensors, possibly ECT sensor.
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    Harmon fuel cells

    I must state that during my enquiries on fuel cell's Harmon were by far the most responsive, honest and understanding of my needs. Were Harmon to offer an ethanol safe cell when I purchased my cell I'd have most certainly given them my business.
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    GoPro MicroSD Cards

    The early gopro's that only support 32gb will only support up to 32gb because of the Fat32 file system. Later gopro's support exFat. As such you should be able to use as big a card as you have your hands on. The reason gopro only recommend 64gb cards is that is simply all they have tested.