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    1974 Barstow to Vegas

    The last page of your attachment has a "special thanks to" and then a "no thanks to" LOL!
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    Supercross 2021

    Give the guy a break. At least he's trying to stop doing it at the beginning of the races. Really hoping BamBam jells with his new bike consistently. Looks good so far.
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    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    Pretty sure he meant to check out their website for more info/ideas. Their catalogs always provided great info/help and suggestions
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    Supercross 2021

    Dropped Sling last month since their coverage has been dwindling in 2 wheel motorsports, dropping our favorite channels, and raising their fees. Deja vu. How are most of you watching motorsports without paying 150 bucks a month plus internet. Seems like this subject comes up every year or so.
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    Supercross 2021

    Hope Malcolm Stewart has a strong season. No comments about Ralph Sheheen(sp?) leaving?!🍾
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    RDC's Black Friday Sale & New Christmas Shirts

    Got my box of goodies for Christmas gifts today! Thanks Curtis!
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    Thoughts on attempting to race a Kawasaki 300R

    Go for it. Sounds like a great bike for your exact situation to get back into it. But if you're going racing, you gotta start training. But you knew that part.
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    Supercross 2021

    Wonder if we'll see yellow kawasaki's with suzuki emblems again. lol
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    Supercross 2021

    Wow, what a bummer. Suzuki is about to clinch the MotoGP championship. Wonder if money is being shifted there for 2021.
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    2020 MX Thread

    Dungey is jones-ing. Typical racer. Most you guys here know about it, or will know about it. But yeah, if he does it, it won't look good. Hope he does well though. AC, finally coming along, and my broken record pick of Osborne is finally coming to fruition. Considering all this covid crap, it's...
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    2020 MX Thread

    Looks like we had some great racing at Red Bud II. Some good come from behind finishes in both classes. Hope we see more chupacabra!
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    supercross starting may 31

    Still painful to hear Ralph. And I agree, RC is doing much better as a commentator. It's always good to have a racer in the booth because you "get" some of the comments if you raced. Glad to see Osborne staying up front longer.
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    Supercross 2020

    Hope all you guys are hanging in there during this crap. Seriously. 🍻
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    2002 San Felipe 250. Didn't realize the awesome mountain range in that valley. P.C. Trackside Photo
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    2000 Baja 500. Not sure where. Regret appreciating the scenery. P.C. Trackside photo