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    4x4 slash

    red (slash 4x4) platinum edition. green truck (blitz) pro-line rims and tires, cc sidewinder 4600
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    Nfs shift

    anyone bought it yet? came out 9/15. i started playing it last night and so far it seems like a grand turismo type sim. i havent got too far, about 30 mins playing so far. lets hear some input on the game...:cool:
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    s/c tracks post yours up..

    layed some piping, now just need to build some jumps
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    s/c tracks post yours up..

    i searched for a thread like this and couldnt find one. so ill start it off:confused: started working on my s/c front yard track today
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    Traxxas Slash

    get the mamba max system,, plenty of speed and pop-o-wee lee power. im running the mamba max 5700 on 2s lipos and its pretty much wheelie at will..:eek: also the pro-line switch and pro-line gladiators are where its at for tires just my $00000000000.02
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    1979-1982 Tayima Super Champ Buggy

    my dad has a super champ from back in the day, ill have to see if its in the rafters still at my parents house.. a few years ago i got it running but its in pretty bad shape. ill see if i can find it and ill post pics
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    MX vs ATV reflex

    this game looks pretty sick, i cant wait till it comes out in dec. they seem to really be trying to make it as real as possible on this one :D
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    castle creations

    yea i dont see how people can get away with super tall gearing like that, unless you run for 5 mins or less. im gonna hook up that motor fan today and mess w/ the gearing a little more to see if i can get it to cool down.
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    castle creations

    so i dropped a mamba max 5700 system in my slash today, and off the bat was running 200 degrees at the motor. found out the gearbox was full of dirt and grit. so i cleaned and rebuilt the gear box, installed a fan on the speed control(which runs no more than 90 degrees max now) and put a tamiya...
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    Traxxas Slash

    so i went to arc raceway today with my slash and slayer, and tried to hang with the big dogs (everyone was running 1/8 scale buggys/truggys) long story short- brushless lipo power,2wd, bald rear tires, and loose dirt all over from big cars= locked up novak brushless motor. going to arc for the...
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    Call of Duty World at War

    i just got hooked on c.o.d last weekend and just got myself setup online last night. now i cant get enough of this game! i dont know much bout the game yet but am on the lookout for dezert people (username FUKENBROEKEN) see you guys at war!
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    Traxxas Slash Tire Combo's

    i had the same problem with my slash running gladiators. im running pro-line switch tires, and i grooved them kinda like shortcourse tires, they hook up good in the loose stuff. u would think grooving r/c tires is a bunch of b.s. but it does make a diffrence. just experiment with it until you...
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    Better late than never-- Mitchell Dejong TK Interview TORC Rounds 3-4

    keep your eye on mitch hes gonna go far in racing as he gets older:D
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    Traxxas Slash

    sho goo or like a silicone adhesive works good to hold the bead in the beadlock but still lets you take the tires off the rim when they need to be changed. just a little bit around the innner and outter bead works good.
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    Lake Elsinore Spectator Seating Pictures???

    is the grandstand and fencing situation gonna be permanent or do they tear down after the race? i never thought that they could pull it off as good as they did at elsinore. def, looking forward to the next race:D