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    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    Heartbreaking... Been sending Prayers all Day. GodSpeed, GodBless.
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    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    Bingo! Whats up w/ RG? (haha -WM "Heard you the first time 106x)
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    ** CODE Kendall Jacume Grand Prix, updated with video

    Yep - Good Luck all, also updates on 1800 (Brady / Reeves) por favor. Weather? Thunder/Lightning/Rain here in Carlsbad.
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    Mark Miller who?

    Drama sells... (Marks FB fan page got 1 "like" and 0 (zero) comments for his link to the radio bash on RG.. (I am a fan of MM, but not sure of the purpose of publicly bashing RG, could it be.... drama???) Gas on!
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage 14 - La Serena, Chile -> Santiago, Chile

    Thanks again to everybody for the updates - especially Ferrari and Short Bus, and all the expert and hilarious (Argentina Weather!) commentary! Good Job RG and Team, epic Rookie year Kurt Caselli, 2013 was great, looking forward to 2014. Oh yeah, Is Mark miller racing in 2014? Finally...
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage 11: La Rioja, Argentina -> Fiambala, Argentina

    ahahha...looked familiar but who cares....more interested in the posting / actually more interested in ASO actually "allowing" the RG #Winning!
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage 8 - Salta, Argentina -> San Miguel, Argentina

    Dogfight!! (thx. to everyone for all the updated - #Addicted)
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage 3 - Pisco, Peru -> Nazca, Peru

    Cant get this to load w/ out plugins / registration (and credit card???!)etc? Any help? hanks!
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage2 - Pisco, Peru -> Pisco, Peru

    Thanks - will look for it - Gas On!
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    Gracias Choyero, Right On Aussie!
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    Official Parker Thread

    From "Planet Robby" Top 6 at RM50 of 425. 1) Baldwin 2) Sourapas 3) Herbst 4) Dondel 5) Wilson 6) GORDON - Currently 3rd in his class Parker 425 tracking ( RG #1537 Whose driving Sourapas? Ryan Arciero driving for herbst??
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    thanks to all

    Couldn't agree more, great post. Reading the stage thread was amazing....during the stage or after, excellent commentary and content (links, media, live streaming / tracking etc.), everybody played nice too, incluinding some former bitter fueds were nowhere to be found,haha ;)! I contributed...
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    Dakar 2012 - Stag 13 - Nasca > Pisco

    mark Miller talked about Peterstrudels Navi and process, sending routes to germany overnite for processing etc....
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    Dakar 2012 - Stag 13 - Nasca > Pisco

    ooooh sheit!!!! ps...when was his last biggie...the one 120 +...