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    Huge purse at the 1st Annual Weddle Industries "Sweet 16 Shootout"

    best bang for the buck, its anyone's race not just motor.
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    The "Ironman" debate

    The term has been dumb down so much
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    The "Ironman" debate

    So the thread about Davis being a Ironman is irrelevant 😂
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    On Topic Water Cooled 5-1600??

    They both have their places, a low comp won primm in 16 cause the car goes 90+ mph. Take that gearing to Barstow or caliente or any other desert race and it will struggle, hi comps caught low comps and low comps caught hi comps as well. It would take at least a year for a low comp to pay off...
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    SNORE Class 5-1600 and possible class 9 & 11 Rule change / request / clarification

    The amount of harassing and threats that came from you and your clan to other competitors, snore officials would be fools not to ban you outright.
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    Will the new wall change off road racing below the border ?

    Ford is no longer going to Mexico, instead building a Factory in Detroit. Ford cancels plans to build plant in Mexico, will invest in Michigan
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    BITD confirmed, god speed Casey! See you on the other side.
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    BEWARE!!! WARNING!!! scam artist KC WEBB/ kc motorsports is targeting US!!

    The only scammer i see here is Pete :eek:
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    i need some OPINIONS.....haters welcome.

    so are other numerous junebuggies out there, build them right and they last.
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    Caliente / Race Fuel 250 race

    Seeing as at the last race the only 11 guys who went were slow, hopefully you can make 3 laps happen with fast guys showing up because of the world Series Of Bugs.
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    SCORE announces new low comp engine option for vw 1600 classes

    Well yea why would i waste the effort to go race against really no one when i can race here against dozens of others? ;)