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  • Hey Rick, if you are the same rharriman that put the PDF instructions on how to replace a water actuator in a refrigerator on the Fixya website, thank you very much. I printed it & that was all we used, actually my wife did most of it, I just assisted. It was very helpful. Matt
    P.S. Why isn't your avatar bouncing anymore?
    Inactive, thx for the invite, cant make this one, that Harley guy is fast, never forget working rescue '06 laughlin on r hand sweeper by hwy (mm 2.5 ish?), when he's come around that turn he's lift the front end every time.....See you in the Dez!
    So sorry to hear about your loss, We did the cremation with Paw print as well. It was comforting to get he little one back in the house again. Tonight we are picking up a brother and sister for my other one. We are very excited. Time will heal but the memories will last forever.
    If I had you as a friend and and you were removed let me know I was trying to get the full list on one screen and accidentally deleted some, My Bad :eek:
    Oh we were having some fun in the WTAR yesterday and it was my turned to be picked on. My rep was dropped to 12 then 0. And then I was banned for about 2 minutes. Then my rep was restored after about 5 hours. It was friggin funny.
    Much better avatar. I thought about using him myself but I went back to my old one. Everyone seems to like that one for some reason. :D
    that has a bushing inner. 1/4" thick flange, Delrin. You get zero width adjustment with a uniball inner as far as width goes. with a bushing at least you can shave some if needed. with a uniball the pressure could be against a snapring.
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