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  • thx 4 the reps cowboy, I tried to give it back but I gotta spread it around some more
    LOL! Actually, it's a yard sale office chair and I don't like Cheetos. More of a Lucerne Ice Cream Sandwich kinda geezer. ;)
    my ringers sweatshirt is seriously the most comfortable sweatshirt i own.
    unfortunately i learned its definitely NOT water resistant yesterday when i was stuck outside while it was hailing and storming...
    "fabulous"? did you pick that up from ru-paul? and yeah ive watched that show, it freaks me out how normal some of them look before they get dragged up, then theyre like... creepy drag queens.
    LOL... i heard a girl say she read an article in cosmo that was discussing if the buthole was the new vagina.
    you are woman even if you are naked. and your vagina is huge and smelly and is where your butt is supposed to be. I will kick yer ass with my walker!
    Yes, What's up bro. Hey we are doing some things with TrophyLite and trying to get Liquid Ice to be an Associate Title Sponsor for the series as well as being a BIG part of the TL video game that is set to be released. Is there anyway I can get you fathers info at Southern Wine and Spirts again? We would like to speak with him and see if they would be interested in carrying Liquid Ice again. This whole TL video game thing is going to be huge and we would like someone local to be a local distributor for us. THX bro

    (714) 642-4914
    Ed LaLonde
    Nah harry potter isn't really my cup of tea.

    When are we gunna have a girls night to watch gossip girl???
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