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    Bonneville Off-Road Racing's - Knolls at Night - August 28th, 2021

    hard to get above 100 on the dry lake beds. Even rst wasnt getting much over 100. sucks when we saw them on the side, sorry to hear about the motor mike!
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    Hearing Rumbling several Class 8 Trucks may run the Parker 425 and 2022 season?

    If class 8 is a thing at Parker, we will bring our truck down. always wanted to race Parker, just never any other racers to make a class.
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    Ear buds and Helmet Speakers?

    the molded ear buds are the only way to go, im removing the speakers out of my helmet, and if someone needs to borrow a helmet, well then... thats not gonna work. for the first time i got done racing and my ears were normal and i could hear and talk to people with out saying HUH!!
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    @@@PHOTOS@@@ - BOR Vernal Dino Dash

    very cool. thank you
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    @@@PHOTOS@@@ - BOR Vernal Dino Dash

    Awesome time, thanks for all you do Kyle
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    BOR's Inaugural Little Sahara SXS Challenge - March 20th, 2021

    looking forward to getting out and watching this race.
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    Who will win the 2020 Baja 1000?

    Unless his bones heal faster then everyone elses, im guessing hes sitting this one out.
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    Bonneville OffRoad Racing - Jackpot Freedom 250 - July 11, 2020!

    One of the best races courses for sure. Has it all. Cant wait.
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    50 different classes, really?????

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    On Topic Class 8 Truck Owners, Why-When-Where

    That's fine, they can protest a guy with a full frame, engine in stock location and weighs im sure a ton more. lol. most the guys I know that we are running against are pretty dang fast. We are slow pokes from Utah. I wish guys would either run class 8 or heavy metal. No bitchin or whiners.
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    On Topic Class 8 Truck Owners, Why-When-Where

    No I don't. I asked one of the guys that races that class all the time and he said no problem, he did say the 1450 guys would give me hell tho
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    On Topic Class 8 Truck Owners, Why-When-Where

    We still run our class 8, we are racing rage at the river this year, if anyone wants to form a class we would love to run in it. As for now, we are signed up in the 1450 pro class.
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    The Mint and Class 8

    I know its a long shot but are there any other Class 8s planning on running the 2019 Mint?
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    1000 Top 5 picks

    dale earnhart #2 jack black ricky bobby tom cruise and maybe, just maybe robby mother f in gordon
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    Bonneville OffRoad Racing updates

    This will be a great race for the UTV class. UTVshop is offering $500 to the winners of the Utv class and $500 to the winner of the Pro class, on top of the Borracing payout.