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  • Hey Ricky,
    This is Brian from Deviate Films. I want to start by saying congrats to you for you LV sweep at Lucas last weekend. So good to see you dominate like that.. You drove hard and consistant and it paid off!! I was hoping that if you are attending Speedworld next month that I can sit down in a unique location and spend some time on camera with Luke and yourself discuss your perspective on short course racing. This will be incorporated in my new short course documentary film. Also I would love to invite yourself and Luke on board with this project. The father/ son story would help captivate audiences all around and definatley paint a great picture for this project. Please consider this and let me know what we can do together in 2010 and beyond. Thanks RJ


    Video link:
    You sure this isn't Jet Boat trying to get attention again?......LOL Hey Brother, you'll always be "Meat Head" to me! I still got to try to post the Dance-Dance Revolution video on here of you and Fletcher at Primm.
    okay i will try this again lol, i used to race at the then southbay speedway, i watched you b.glover, s. burnworth and the rest of the stars of the future race then you guys came back years later and handed my ***** to me in a gold basket. and how ironic it was that i would pit you during your desert racing careers. i went to school with your cousins mike and jimmy, no not that jimmmy lol, and yer cus could run like the wind and if memory serves me right mike passed away during a swimming accident. sorry if i have the wrong rj but there is only one and i had to ask. if you are, thanks for the memories as you were awesome on the bikes and your driving still leaves me in awe. god be with you and your family and drive hard and fast as only you know how to do, your friend danny aka drsnutz
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