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  • Hey Rob its Ryan, thanks for giving your seat up man it was a kick ass ride until the Jackass took us out!! We (my family) is going to definately try to get to the 500, if the car survived?? We will definately keep in touch!
    Hey, when is Rigsby Racing heading to Baja? Will you be staying at the Villa Marina? Is Andy Myers coming down? How about Ryan from Denver? If so, see you guys down there?
    Of course you may have my phone number....
    I think I've seen you at some of the races, Snowflake, Laughlin, etc? Your pretty cute, :) haha
    Robert its Ryan from L & B(847)....who all is going to snowflake with you guys? We (my wife and i) really want to go but Joe & Mike said no because of $$ but if you need pit help let me know and i will see if the wife wants to go.
    the car is good, my dad tore it apart this week we are sending out the transmission to Wedle to have him go through it.
    Yes, down in SF all week. I think I saw you guys at condos --- saw your long blue trailer. I will come visit you today, Wed. See you around. I am down in house at km32, Campo Sahuaro, with quad 201x guys, Artic Cat Fines Double. Hasta La Vista
    Yes, I will be there shooting - you and your dad coming up with Josh and his buggy? Hope so. Maybe I can put on on-board camera on Josh's ride. I arrive Thurs PM.
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