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  • Wow, lots done from last update 12-12-08. The rear suspension was completed and the bigest job was the motor
    408 stroker has been in now for 8 months. Greg Grosset at Total Performance built the engine and I could not be happier with it . It has great power and torque and runs strong all day on pump gas. I bought a 74 Frame and cab to start a cage in when its done I'll swap all the suspension over. Thanks for asking ...........Rob
    well i had a 79 f100 but sold 2 yrs ago. looking for another, 79 f100 would be great. also like the 67 - 72 body style as well. u have any more pics of yr f100?? who built yr front beams?? front or rear steer? thanks.
    Well lets see....The front is 98% complete w/3" King shocks with bumps, if you were to go to Autofab's website, have a look at the "Spare Parts Truck" my front end is the same. The plan is to start the back half after the holidays. Do you have a F100??
    Mine is a 78 Round headlights!
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