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    1400 trucks

    This! Our unfinished truck (steel cab) just had the firewall removed. Sure would have been nice to know the rules would not be changed after the fact. Another vote for no changes!
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    R.I.P. Ron Bechard

    I knew Ron and Holli for years. Such sad news. Godspeed Ron! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    JUSTIN DAVIS - Congratulations CLASS 1 WINNER!

    Congrats to the whole Green Army team, very impressive indeed!
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    The MORE Royal Purple/ORAF 500. May 21-23, 2010

    It's great to see the team doing so well again, and all in the same weekend to boot. Way to go guys.
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    TT in Glendora

    My money is on Shannon either picking up or hanging out with Mitch.
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    Official 2010 San Felipe Updates

    1249 Davis/Folts from last starter to second on track. Woohoo GO GREEN ARMY
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    2010 LOORS Las Vegas in Slow Motion by Deviate Films

    Great vid Brian. P.S. Thanks for the traffic update out of Primm.
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    Karting for a Cause Fundraiser - TEAM CHALLENGE!

    Yeah it is. My Daughter was the one that went THROUGH the wall. They pulled her out and she kept right on driving. haha, Great Times!
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    Pictures refuse to open in Firefox?

    My laptop did the same, I'm thinking it's Vista.
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    Pro Driver CURT GEER joining "THE ARMY"

    Looking forward to having Curt and his team as a part of the Green Army team. These guys are awesome, and are a perfect fit. 2010 is shaping up to be a great year.
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    Karting for a Cause Fundraiser - TEAM CHALLENGE!

    Haha... This is going to be fun. Can't wait to race against you guys and show support for Fast-Aid!
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    Shortcourse says "bite me"!

    Thanks a ton for the compliment GunnSlinger. It's really nice to know that the direction of our program for this past year is being recognized by people outside our camp.
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    In the Footsteps of Champions - Bondurant

    This should help speed up the process...:D
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    In the Footsteps of Champions - Bondurant

    Yo Scott, You need to accept friends on the facebook page. ;)
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    Congratulations Mitch Guthrie Jr.!

    Way to go Mitch, good job!