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Dec 16, 2017 at 1:22 PM
May 11, 2001
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April 20
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Engineer/FF/Paramedic/Motorsport artist

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Crayola Killer, from Arizona

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Viewing thread Rock'n Raceco Redux, Dec 16, 2017 at 1:22 PM
    1. CLASS 11 PRO
      CLASS 11 PRO
      Hello Rory
      I just started a thread requesting some help , me and my Dad Gary Haugley found a burro over the weekend at the Pomona swap meet . We are just looking for some history and such . Please take a look and see if it rings any bells .
      We now have two of them in the family !! looking forward to the Pismo meet this august .
      Thanks Ryan
      1. Rory
        Ryan, I have already sent an email to some people that could possibly know something but have yet to hear anything. Nice find, hope we can get some info for you and your dad.
        Dec 5, 2017
      2. CLASS 11 PRO
        CLASS 11 PRO
        Thanks Rory !!
        Dec 5, 2017
    2. CZLou
      Rory, If i can ask. What tires did you finely come up with? That you were looking for. Lou
      1. Rory
        Haven't bought anything yet but looking at the 235x75x16 BFG Commercial T/A's. I will be running the new BFG 35" tires they just came out with for buggies (35x10.50x15) and are lighter than the 33x10.50.15 BFG Baja T/A's.
        Dec 30, 2014
      2. CZLou
        Thanks for the info. Lou
        Dec 30, 2014
    3. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon

      LeeBob of the Checkers suggested I contact you.

      Do you have, or know of, an interest in a 29 year collection of DUSTY TIMES? Jean put me on her subscription list about 4 months into publication, and I have all but a few issues since, starting with the issue of March, 1984.

      I'd like to donate them to off road history, rather than the Lions' Eye Bank, but I just don't have the room, or interest, to continue to store them.

      They've been kept in boxes, in dry storage.

    4. LENNY
      Rory thats one of the best lines yet(calling him a retard is a insult to retards)
    5. mwilsonphoto.com
      I was a great shot!
      I am finishing up the 1st to races now, will be up late tonight or first thing in the morning.
    6. freddy
      Rory, I'm very happy for your success at the Baja 1000 this year with the TT killer. As you know I have followed this project with great interest since you first got it and brought it back to racing condition. Great to now see it racing in Baja and taking home the win in sportsman. Once again, big congratulations to you and your team and keep up the good work. /Fredrik
    7. AzDzrtRcr
      Wheres my hat and shirt? You left Primm before I could get it! You owe me man
    8. drj777
      i just posted the VIMEO version...hope you like it!

    9. CHASER
      Nicely done this past weekend!!!!!!
    10. PBR
      i am really bummed i can't be there! stupid anniversary! good luck brother and have fun out there.
    11. PBR
      that **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** was funny!
    12. dezertboy7212
      incase u didnt know, im cliff's boy, Colton. lol
    13. freddy
      Rory, I just wanted to say thanks for the great video from the Mint 400 race that you posted in the forum. I'm super sorry I could'nt make it over for the race this year and meet you, your team and my favorite killer of all time, the TT-Killer. Good luck with your future racing and I hope to see you soon. All the best.
    14. troyharper
      yer still a pup, keep going!
    15. pdailey
      Happy Berfday!!
    16. troyharper
      Happt birthday!!!
    17. Bill
      Happy Birthday Mr.Ward.enjoy your day.
    18. JasonHutter
      Yeah, I was in the truck both times you went bye! You were hauling the mail! I hope we didn't hold you up for long the first time......I was the one in the right seat trying to see anyone and everyone passing us!
    19. Ghost Ranger 77
      Ghost Ranger 77
      they're all up on the thread
    20. Ghost Ranger 77
      Ghost Ranger 77
      Hey, I have some, Ill have them to you by tomorrow
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    April 20
    Home Page:
    Engineer/FF/Paramedic/Motorsport artist
    Rory ward
    Class I race in:
    have raced 5 unlimited, 5/1600, 12 & SPT buggy, pit for TT, 1, 5, 8 & 12.
    Favorite Race:
    San Felipe, old Fireworks 250, Midnight Special, MINT 400, BAJA 1000, NORRA Mexican 1000
    Favorite Race Driver:
    Parnelli, Ivan, Walker, Mickey, Bob & RG & Rob Mac
    08' Dodge 2500
    04' Suspensions Unlimited class 12
    1984 Walker Evans built Chevy class 8
    1978 Chevy Blazer prerunner (Mark Newhan built)
    1977 Mickey Thompson Challenger IV
    Favorite Offroad Video:
    Bajaflo/D2G/All the DP series
    Favorite Offroad Website:
    Owner of Racers Only founded in 1994/95 (part time job) and a full time Engineer/Paramedic at BHFD. Recently sold my 4 seater and bought Pat Dean's old 2 seat Chenowth class 1 affectionately known as the "Trophy Truck killer" back in the day.

    Off road racing