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    LeadNav: What are your experiences? Any options similar for Android?

    So you created an account on here, to resurrect a 3yr old thread to complain? I’d suggest you create an account on their support page where you’ll get assistance. I’ve put a TON of hours into using and implementing LeadNav and am very happy. As are many in here I am sure.
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    Are RZRs tainting Ocotillo

    There was a thread in the main Desert Racing thread about this a while back. I live in havasu, and the awesome roads and trails I grew up riding have been so destroyed by this. Exactly what you described on every moderately soft trail or road. The worst is that on a bike, there’s literally...
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    Primm cancelled???

    Any ideas what the tip was about? Masks not being worn? Spectators present? Too much fun/freedom being had?
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    2020 Baja 1000

    What kind of vehicle were you in?
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    New Map to Mobile tracking for the Baja 1000 from RacingTraX!

    The 8 minute text updates; can that go to multiple numbers or just a single phone number?
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    Stella Antenna Mounting

    Messaged you
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    2020 Baja 1000

    Is this through the BFG registration? I looked but don’t see anything bike related listed
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    2020 Baja 1000

    Newbie question. Is there a way to get ahold of one their map books if you are a handlebar team?
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    Stella Antenna Mounting

    Hey, another Stella thread. Im trying to figure out how to get the antennas mounted without the area behind the lights being a complete rats nest. Would be great if the bike kits didn't have 10' Long cables, but anyways.... Do any of you mount the square gps/iridium antenna on the back fender...
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    Limit the amount of riders per team @ SCORE?

    The recent Honda teams have often had 3 riders as well. Last year with Mark Samuels breaking his legs before the 1000, they had a 4 man team, but they are back to Morgan, Samuels, and Jones for this year's 1000.
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    2020 Baja 1000

    I’m guessing Nov 6th? It’s the deadline to get on the program entry list. They didn’t come out with weekly lists for the 500, and I’m sure they will have limited updates for the 1000 as well
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    chase head radio

    BTW, Cool thread idea Jon.
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    Pressurized fueling accident (Crickets...)

    I think we found the answer. We have someone create gas stations in the desert, one way only, and have regular pumps full of race gas and trucks just line up to get filled. No transporting fuel, no PP to explode, to dump cans to leak. Just remember not to top off. lol I’m sure COSTCO would be...
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    6122 Whipple Superchargers 2020 Vegas to Reno Recap

    Sick video Mike! Thats awesome!
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    chase head radio

    ’You’re only chasing safety’ by UnderOath. Gets me pumped and wide awake every time.