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Feb 23, 2006
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Arroyo Grande, California
Race Radio Support

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Well-Known Member, from Arroyo Grande, California

    1. 9Iron
      Thank you for making it to the VORRA Prairie City Event.
      We bought some stuff, saw others over at the truck doing the same. Hope it was successful. We appreciate your supporting VORRA.
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    2. 9Iron
      Hello there, you guys going to VORRA this weekend?
      Bring a costume. its at Prairie City...
      1. rugged1
        Yes we will be at the VORRA race. I just told Randy to bring his costume!
        Oct 22, 2015
    3. A Vance
      A Vance
      What is the realistic range for the RH-5R. Is it just good for short course?
      1. rugged1
        Using the .5 mile per watt rule, it's about 2.5 miles, but depending on obstacles in your terrain it could be a bit less.
        Aug 11, 2014
    4. DC Racing
      DC Racing
      Hey Chris! I'm Scott (DC Racing) that was in your shop last Fri getting some cables (we had all the kids running around). Nice to see you on here.
    5. Jayme's F-1
      Jayme's F-1
      Well hey Chris, fancy seeing you here :)
    6. bscracing
      Hey Chris:

      John Kuykendall here with the 1969 F100. Thanks so much for the chase radios, intercom, 4 wired helmets, etc. Johnny Lightning in Corona installed everything and we've had a ball racing the BITD Silver State 300 in April and just completed the BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge. The old truck has really done well and has enough HID lights to light up a stadium.

      So far we have only had to replace a hood due to an encounter with a tree at the SS300 and a few miscellaneous parts as a result of having a motor mount let go in the whoops and silt of Parker. Oh well, always wanted some shiny new headers, oil pan, etc. The suspension, motor and trans have done great.

      Hope you guys are doing well. We'll be up in Los Osos in a couple of weeks and may get a chance to drop by. Please share this with Andy, DJ and the gang.

      Take care,

      John Kuykendall
      [email protected]
      Cell 714 397 2702
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    Arroyo Grande, California
    Race Radio Support
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