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    Camburg ranger= no more?

    Jerry do you have another cab? I know someone who has a 99 ranger cab the driver door is good but the passanger door is not...The cab has no dents.. let me know..i will find out a price... RUNAMUCK
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    Where are the pictures from the Choo Choo Bar ? Let's see who was there.... RUNAMUCK
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    Ocotillo new years?!

    I'm trying to get ahold of Rocky that drives the black and red 4 seater that says B&R Buggys on the side. We were at the Sand Dam saturday with him and i'm trying to get ahold of him. Someone Took his golf cart from the Iron Door on Saturday nite..????????? RUNAMUCK
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    Ocotillo Trip This Friday Night

    Don't forget to visit the world famous Iron Door and leave some money there.If i was going i would buy you a beer but i won't be out until Thanksgiving week.. RUNAMUCK
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    Desert Clean up OcotilloWells Nov 2

    Ok i just wanted to make sure someone knew where i was. that's why i bring Matthew with me he alway's know's where we are.... RUNAMUCK
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    Desert Clean up OcotilloWells Nov 2

    I don't remember any jello shooters at Mel's birthday party...Where was i LOST? RUNAMUCK
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    Desert Clean up OcotilloWells Nov 2

    Are you buying all the beer afterwards.Or do we go to the bar and get our own... Bring the oranges and i'll be there? RUNAMUCK
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    hit and run

    Who did he run into and where were they at??? RUNAMUCK
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    Oco Wells

    The weekend before is the poker run the more the better.... RUNAMUCK
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    Jumping Videos Last Night In Ocotillo Wells!

    They are having a big poker run out there the weekend of the 26th there will be alot of family's with there kids it starts at 7 pm on staurday nite and goes all around the desert so be carefull out there. And remember to pick up your trash. I've been going out there for about 34 years..Let's...
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    6 Seat Truggy!

    That was a good answer i talked to him the other day and know he wants to get it done before the Laughlin race. So you made his day saying that. I will see you at the river next weekend and we'll see what kind of help you need... RUNAMUCK
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    6 Seat Truggy!

    How did you talk John into riding? I thought he liked to drive..... RUNAMUCK
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    6 Seat Truggy!

    My freinds have a trailer on the same row that you do they are the one on the far end by the bathrooms. We talked to you over the 4th when you were there. We live in Corona so if you need any help let me know. We can chase or pit whatever it takes to get it done.. RUNAMUCK
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    6 Seat Truggy!

    i will see you at the river that weekend. maybe if you need some help at the race i think we are going out there that weekend.... RUNAMUCK
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    6 Seat Truggy!

    Are you taking it back to the river over labor day weekend? We saw you there over the 4th of July weekend..It was the first time you had it out..I talked to John at Playtech on Saturday he said you made it street legal? How did you do that.... RUNAMUCK