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    Dana 44 Ford VS Chevy snouts and hubs

    If it's going onto a ttb dana44 steering knuckle, and putting chevy snouts and hubs on it, and if you are using stock ford rotors (like on a bronco or f-150) you will probably have to run a spacer between the hub, and the rotor to space the rotor inboard. The reason is the chevy snouts move the...
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    Bent Front Coilover Shaft. WHY?

    whatever radflow sent torchmate for their ttb koh car.
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    Bent Front Coilover Shaft. WHY?

    Check the IFP, I've also seen some "more cost effective" shock companies use inexpensive shock shaft material, and on vehicles where the shock cycles freely, and doesn't bind; bend shock shafts.
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    14YO's 1971 F-250 LWB build

    If youre looking for shocks call samco ryan. I think there might still be a set of 18"stroke fox triple bypasses there samco fabrication Phone: (775) 856-4100
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    Parker Updates!

    just this one. the 425 is it's own race.
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    4wd long travel advice

    you could spend years building a front end that will most likely not be strong enough to hold up to offroad abuse, and won't handle 1/2 as good as a chaos setup. 23" of a-arm 4wd travel will require huge $$$ to build, and maintain. best advise
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    The Grocery Getter thread.

    I do a few times a week. side note: the front end doesn't have vast amounts of positive camber. I had just jacked up the front end, and set it back down. It takes about 10 feet of movement for it to settle... beam travel...
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    Samco Fab Dodge Sand Truck

    that's the one
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    Revolt Metal Works THING

    the brake lines i can see under the hood look beautiful.
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    April 2011 RDC Monthly Giveaway

    my skid
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    14YO's 1971 F-250 LWB build

    hey speedbump contact vorra and send them a picture of your belt mounts before you get the seats and stuff all in. George had Povey move his lap belt mounts to the main cage tubes.
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    Where to buy saginaw? You might be really surprised about how affordable Lee is. Awesome product.
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    tig weld (basket weave)