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    Class 9 Reunion Race

    $$$$$ bonus? my guess is that a few people are going be look for heavy hitters! torres. toranto. young. macdonald. lang. could be very interesinh to get fast guys out of retirment.
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    Best class 10 car make??

    there are very nice car nowdays. the alpha cars look great, I don't have any pictures but harley young car is awesome looking. raceco cars are my favorites. nd wheeler and harley both have overalls i belive .
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    Should class 10 start before tt spec?

    question, which class has more overall wins??? does this help factor who running up front or no??? how many class 10s overaled this year compare to 6100??? in any race organisation.
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    2017 - MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge

    saw harley go by us at 92mph around mile 18. awesome to see a 9er do well in a big buggy! does anyone know if he will be driving his old car or team caudal car at all?
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    2nd Annual TJ Craig Memorial Shootout: $4000 Class 9 Bonus

    ill take a crack at odds 976 Frank Wagner - not to sure if I know him. from the forum he seems like a o.g 9er? 5:1 945 Raul Yanez - never heard of him? mexico guy like my self? 6:1 913 Kevin Gross - more laps, more learning . 6:1 904 Tyler Peterson - cant hate results, car runs great, 2:1 954...
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    2016 plans and rumors!

    So What are you people doing next year and whats the words on the streets? . me and partner had a dispute and the two seat we had isn't gonna work out. i have tons of parts and am building a single seat myself only. no idea on when it will be done but will be racing soon as i can. And what...
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    Kingman Odds??

    Top 3 for me. 1 harley uoung 2 forest creasy 3 zach sizlove
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    Kingman Odds??

    1. #905 Forest Creasy 2. #951 John Whitlow 3. #908 Roger Gonzales 4. #952 Zach Sizelove 5. #980 Tyler Romero 6. #959 Harley Young 7. #998 Joshua Englestead Who are you picking??
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    KC HiLiTES Midnight Special: Class 9 vs Class 1900 Challenge

    i watched utvs at vvegas to reno. WOW not at all what i was expecting. things are extremly fast. if there is any chance on a 9 car winning againts these thing its gonna take torres maxwel/toranto and young. i think with 1 of these teams at 100 percnt can win the utvs. i wanna see these guys all...
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    Which Class is best to start Racing off road

    Class 9 is the way to go. I know Harley Young has a bad 9 car for sale. Car is fast and has won many races. And it won a championship last year!
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    MORE 400 Picks

    trying to keep the pick tradition somwhat going. Class 9 (7) 929 Dan Wood - saw the car race a ccouple times in 2013-14. 6:1 944 Mike Cooper - not sure i did met mike yet. 7:1 976 Rob MacDonald 4th R/S - cant say much, kid can drive 2:1 952 Zach Sizelove 3rd R/S - sweet car, seems fast 4:1 990...
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    Snore/More Motion Tire 300

    any one else have there pick? jaja
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    think i will wait on finishing car ontil this gets settled. the disc idea is bad! thats to far of change! now the class isn't a 9 car!! drum brake with aluminum centers is my vote.
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    Snore/More Motion Tire 300

    some detail odds, I'm new to the class still but this is what i can gather from going and watching the last 2 years or so 1. #924 Clint Braun - always in the mix. 4:1 2. #952 Zach Sizelove - Nice car! seems to be fast! 5:1 3. #905 Forest Creasy - heres your winner!! 2:1 4. #922 Julie Pierce...
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    How many miles a lap?