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  • Sandscorcher, was hoping I could get you to do me a favor. Could you scan the entry list from the 1981 MINT 400 program you have and send it to my email?
    I need a good quality scan to be able to read all the entries. Let me know and thank you. Rory Ward.
    You can send me an email via rdc (look at upper left area of my profile) and then I'll have your addy to send pic to.
    You rang? We can use this VM service to answer your questions. I'll probably never get around to cleaning out my PM's.

    Can't send you a pic, but the wheels are deeply offset, if that is an issue. IIRC they came off an old 9 car when class 9 was 1200cc not the Challenger Class that took over the 900 numbers in '84.

    They are at a friend's shop an hour and a half away, with a really beat set of WA Sandblasters 913s on 'em. I never mentioned it, 'cuz the tires have been sitting in the sun for 25 years.

    They're still holding air, and currently holding up a Baja Bug project of mine.

    I plan to be going by the shop next week, I'll take photos then and send them your way.

    Been following your search several years now, glad you finally found some "fresh" ones.

    BTW, did you see the VM's below?
    Hey sandscorcher my name is Eddie. I just bought a storage unit and happen to be researching those tires . I have the 9.00-13 sand blaster western auto they look like they were never used and so if you are interested email me or send me a message.
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