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    Problem w/ Deavers on a Toyota

    Here's the rebar truck, see attached image.
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    Destroy Motorsports contact info?

    Destroy Motorsports San Clemente, CA 92672 949-293-2975
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    New Metalica

    In my opinion, it's terrible. Not one guitar solo on the entire cd, very poorly produced, although that is the sound they were going for. I've liked Metallica since I was a kid, but this cd sounds so rushed and uninspired I would never recommend it.
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    Final testing session with Herman Motorsports

    Damen was nice enough to invite mflo and I out to Barstow for one last run in the Trophy Truck. We shot some video and pictures we thought you guys would enjoy. It was awesome having the truck blast by me at 106mph through the whoops, and flying by mflo at about 130mph! Photo Gallery: Video...
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    Jump Champs Video Is Up!!

    Here's another video:
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    Jump Champs Wrapup!

    His driver's side trailing arm snapped in half and the truck drifted off the course. Greg had to use the tractor to lift his rear end off the ground and roll the truck out of the way. The contest was great, can't wait for the next ROR event. Thanks Jen for letting me get out there and film when...
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    Dezertpeople Two - Free premier admission tickets

    Mark Newhan's Red Chevy.
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    U bolts

    Any spring shop should be able to make a custom set for you. A shop by my house charged 35 bucks for all 4 with lock washers and nuts. I upgraded to 5/8" u-bolts when I swapped an Explorer rearend in my Ranger. All you need to provide is the diameter of your axle tube and the bolt length needed...
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    Video Help

    Your video editing software should be able to record from your video camera. Look for a "capture video" option in the program. You may have to configure the settings to tell the program you are using the S-Video line in. Some are set on RCA or DV input by default. If it still isn't getting an...
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    Stolen Camera at ROR event..........

    Good news, its been recovered.
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    ROR thanks.

    I really wish I could have been there, sounds like it was a blast. Congrats on the win Devin, when can I ride co-pilot? Here is the video that mflo just finished up, it turned out pretty rad.
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    Race I beam set up

    It appears to be rear-steer too. First beam suspension I've seen like it. That pic you attached is from our website and we have a lot more closeups of the suspension that mflo took at the race.
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    cycling vs measuring

    Hey, thanks a lot Corey! I spent a ton of time on it, glad to see its being received well.
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    FIRST LOOK: Coyne Motorsports Tractor Trailer

    That is a killer design Tony. Out of curiosity, what program do you use for a project of such epic proportions, Quark, Illustrator? <A target="_blank" HREF=>Desert Rides</A>
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    cycling vs measuring

    I wrote a lengthy article about this very subject. The shock angle is dynamic through the suspension cycle, so you have to take the pack apart and cycle the suspension to find the correct mounting points that use the full potential wheel travel while using the full stroke of the shock. Here is a...