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scary fast hummer
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Aug 17, 2017 at 9:22 PM
Jul 24, 2006
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scary fast hummer

Well-Known Member, from Betwixt South Bay and deep in the heart of Texas

scary fast hummer was last seen:
Aug 17, 2017 at 9:22 PM
    1. blue dog
      blue dog
      Where do you live ?
    2. DaveGores
      Anytime. What's right is right.
      Hope you are well, and getting all the prepwork done for your upcoming event. Be sure to share photos with me later on...

      Take care my friend, and enjoy this new year.

      Got back from the 1K yesterday, was down there with Randy Swink. Even though the truck gave way, we were ready to dominate the race and celebrate in La Paz. Too bad it never happened, but I got some photos of us down there that I hope you'll see. Look forward to talking to you my friend.

      Howdy!! I ain't seen ya post recently, just thought I'd check in and see how things are with you and yours. Hope you are well my brother.
    6. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      We had the high pressure p/s line burst on our rear engine unlimited and the fluid ignited. By the time we got stopped, I was out of the co-drivers' seat and then scooped sand on to the fire. Worked great! You ought to have room for a scoop shovel on your Hummer.

      Had a transmission line rupture on a TV remote truck with a cool engine: we had to get to the location, and left a smoke screen any destroyer captain would have been proud of, and in the process smoked over 2 gallons of transmission fluid over a distance about 4 miles through downtown PHX. Luckily the transmission itself wasn't smoked.
    7. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Cole, where do you get your refills on "bejesus"? I'm afraid you're gunna run out, seein's how you keep getting more scared out of you. ;)
    8. DOG ON
      DOG ON
      Hey Cole , check the lyrics on Tom Sawyer from Rush...... I dont know you much, but seems that they fit you very well....check em out
    9. DOG ON
      DOG ON
      My respect to you bro.... You must have a share of interesting stories.... If you ever this side of the pond and in Baja , I would love to buy you an Ale or a Corona... choice is yours!
      Nice to talk to ya today. You take care of yourself brother!!!
    11. steviegnsc
      Not likely. I thought your response was hilarious.
    12. 07FJRog
      thx for the Rep

    13. 57Racer
      Just want you to know that I am not attacking your reputation or your service history. I fully respect both. We may disagree on things but thats why its a called a debate and I look forward to more.
    14. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Cole, can you please address the points I raised in the thread titled "another VAT question"? Thanks!
      Hi Cole. After re-reading our conversations regarding "intellectuals", I must say I do have a great deal of respect for you...your points (when you take the time to lay them out, HA HA!) are usually laid out in a very easy to understand way, you always refrain from going personal (something I need to work on) and you always take the time to address questions directed towards you, and respond without cherry-picking or dodging questions.

      Although our views may differ some on certain issues, I am confident in saying I'm proud to have people like you looking out for us.

      My sincerest thanks go out to you.

      Awesome reply. Thanks for remaining cool.
    17. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Thanks, again, Cole! I get so frustrated by Randy's and Scott's refusal to accept basic logic. Maybe it's something in that Carson City water? Scott made me angry a while back, Randy (who is actually pretty funny and personable on the phone), on this subject, is like a bunch of gnats: extremely annoying.

      Maybe they are just hosing us, like Robert does at times. But then ... I heard a good quote the other day: "History is argument." (Our son is pursuing his doctorate in history, and he and I have been arguing history and politics for a decade now. For instance, being the son of a Bataan Death March survivor who was interred on mainland Japan, I fully support Truman's decision re: atomic warfare. Our son, with his youthful idealism, not so much. )

      BTW, have you ever heard the term "literal education" before PJC started using it? I am unfamiliar with the term, and it's obviously not a typo.

      Have a great equinox, you intellectual, you!
      You know, the people I know who brag about being "intellectuals" are so full of themselves they can't see anyone else's point of view.

      If you refuse to concede that your way of presenting your POV was weak, well, that's fine.

      I do accept your apology though and can only hope that when you are trying to be persuasive, you'll try to PRESENT your POV, not make others go search for it.
    19. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Rob Everhart ran his H1 at Parker but the left rear lower a-arm came apart at the weld where the pivot piece attaches to the arm itself. Ended his day, bent shock shaft, etc.
    20. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Even Idealists are Cynics in today's post-modern world. :(
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    Betwixt South Bay and deep in the heart of Texas
    Cole Stage
    Class I race in:
    Pre-runner buggy
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    Favorite Race Driver:
    Rod Hall
    Hummer H1
    Favorite Offroad Video:
    BajaFlo, All the DP series , Tuareg Rallye '06
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    US Navy Chief (Ret), long range desert explorer, desert racer, big game hunter, dad.

    Racing, deserts, wine, geographic exploration


    Cheers from over here, Cole
    "They say I am a cynical adventurer of low breeding and no education. That is not true; I am cynical adventurer of low breeding with an excellent education."