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  • yeah buddy hit me up and i will see if i can make it. that would be great to see him runnin that. i think i have some good tricks for those superlites. 951 378 1726
    Yes sir..I have been charging $150 per race for the 3-4 Minute recap videos...and $300.00 for the highlight season recap video. This is done in a way that you can use for Marketing proposal and what not!! Let me know as I am trying to not overbook myself and spread myself to thin at these remaiing races. I will pencil you in if you are interested. We can settle up in Vegas based on what you want

    Brian- Deviate Films
    Hi Scott, heard it was put off due to water and mud on track?? is that true? Also do you have any updated as to Parker? Thanks, Mike
    yes mike doing well we are racing the trophy kart world championships at milestone next weekend the 30th and 31rst
    You guys still around? ha ha......... Shot out at the Parker 250 last week and off to the MORE this weekend, first of next month back at Parker to shoot the 425....... Hope all is going well for you ! Take care, Mike. The "N" Factor www.thenfactorpics.com Where are you racing next?
    Thanks for the kind words we do love racing with you and miles. We will do our best in the mod i think we got the goods. Good luck to you in the super buggy you deserve that championship!
    Scott, all the best this weekend for Sheldon and your team, Bring the Mod. Championship home.
    As for the Other class, The Butter is in the Fridge and its getting hard!
    hey scott this is tom young add me ok and could you let me know when you guys are racing? i love coming out ang giving a hand if needed..... thanks , tom
    Hey Scott..Whats an address to send this clip of Sheldons crash. SOrry it took so long. I've been in and out of town since mid December
    Yes sir I do. I have just being switching over to Vegas Pro * and have not been able to upload that tape yet. Next week I will for sure. I am shooting the DRIVE race this weekend and leaving for Laughlin on Tuesday so i will soot to get it done on Sunday or Monday for you. Thanks for the follow-up. Everyone loved the crash, not to sound haresh, but people are pumped on that little guys roll. It will definatley make DRIVE 2
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