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  • Boomer from ESPN predicted that the winner of last nights game would get the #3 seed and the loser the #4... Could you see the fear in #18's eyes every time he dropped back?? Colts will get better when they get some of their key players back but Peyton looked absolutely shook last night!
    Tell the kids Dad wants a longer lens for Father's Day? ;) I'm afraid you've presented an illogical argument again, since there is a HUGE gulf between engaging in a dangerous activity for fun, and crawling "in hole and stop living."

    Your brother doing something does not strike me as moral justification, for your, Cam's or my actions. Yes, a plane could hit your house, but let's hope that's less likely than overt participation in dangerous activities. You need to help your mom, which entails risk, but I see that as a joyous responsibility, having lost my own mother over 42 years ago. I never put my dad in a rest home, stopped all my other activities when he needed me.

    I restated my query to PAB in a PM, it will be interesting to see his response if he replies.

    BTW, re: helicopters: PLEASE stay OUT of Robinsons, 22's or 44's. I just don't think they are truly airworthy. Seen way too many issues with them, and learned more from FAA inspectors.

    Peace out, Dood! ;) :)
    Thanks,I certainly see your point this am. I viewed it as tangential. I DO wonder how someone who touts safety so much can justify participating in a such dangerous sport when they have dependents. Doe it not seem contradictory to you? I never raced when I had dependents. Didn't think I had the right, ethically or morally.

    It's just racing, not soldiering or firefighting, not even much of a profession when you look at the few, few, off road race car drivers to make a living over the sport's 40+ year history. We do it for fun, not profit. I

    But I could have avoided the brouhaha had I just sent PAB a PM. Duh! :(
    Parachute Pants!! Thanks for my first big grin of the morning! Can I get your take on why when I ask questions people get so upset? Is it because I may ask one of their heroes a hard question? That sometimes hypocricy is revealed, or hinted at?
    My style? Using words not in their vocabulary?

    I asked PAB a simple question about what seemed to be a contradictory statement on his part. I realized later that I should have asked in a PM, judging by the sycophants that come to his "defense." I did not call him a hypocrite, don't know him well enough to do so, but had what I thought was a valid question.

    Of course, you and I both know my reactionary nature did not serve to extinguish the flames. ;)

    Thanks, Scott!
    Never happens to me offline, sure happens online.
    Nope, preppin' for Parker. When I moved here, I thought I would go to PHX and CA more, but haven't been: I like my little town, go to Prescott when I want a bigger city.

    If the RE boom hadn't deflated, I was thinking of moving to Skull Valley.

    I'll go read your PM now.
    It's actually a paid audience of extras. I always liked Wapner's Rusty the Bailiff. He was the bailiff at the Tate-LaBianca murder trials.
    Did you read my post in Randy's "Is it true.." thread about formation of state militias, and those states governors receiving NSL's, so secret that those governors are bound by law not to acknowledge they received a NSL, or even heard of one. Can it be debunked? I don't know.

    Hmm, my SAR unit official name is Yavapai County Sheriff's Response Team. Guess I better keep my batteries charged. Who knows? Life gets stranger every day.
    Hmmm...And then I could have time to check out Goldfield some more, instead of deadheading home in one day from CC. Thanks for the idea, it's too hot here then and I'm not going to the July MORE race in Barstow cuz it's too hot there, too. I really don't like to be in heat over 108 f.

    My wife and son like to camp, maybe we can combine trips. He lives in CA.
    Sorry, Scott! It was early and I haven't been sleeping well...

    No, our team is just running MORE this year except for Parker. The economy, you know? ;)

    (we're a bunch of cheapskates)
    Exactly: perfect scenario for Martial Law and the ensuing restrictions on the rights of law-abiding citizens.
    A friend's son was working as a guard on an armored truck when the riots started. The mob surrounded them and they could not proceed.

    He threw out some money bags, and when the crowd went for 'em, the truck was able to escape.

    Smart kid, he threw out the penny bags.

    Good thread, but spooky.
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