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    Collins Truck/ Chase Teams

    Bad situation, with a fairly good ending... Too bad it happened at all... Good to see that everyone was ok.... People..... Going to Baja is like rolling the dice you never know,chances do happen,and it has nothing to do with you, but the other guy.. That's what you look for.... Quote from Larry...
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    Is Ty Davis on the cops side????

    Your wrong..... I heard it was Larry Ragland fitting Arnold with 40 mm cannons to do that !!!! lol
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    San Felipe Stories ???

    Isn't that what check points are for ??? San Felipe has 3 washes.... where can you shortcut that.... or the dry lake.....
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    San Felipe Stories ???

    Who Cheated ?????
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    San Felipe Stories ???

    WOW, That was Nick !!! Looked good... He even got back around the 3 TT... Did Mark have problems ??
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    Pflueger Racing in San Felipe pics

    Hey Gabe.... When I first saw that... It kinda brought back memories of Big Mac....
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    ¿Jimco TT, Beaver TT, Dan Smith TT, McMullen TT?

    Smith/Ashley... Enduro Team running only the 500 and the 1000 this year....
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    Lost tire and rim

    I believe he lives in Riverside Ca.......... TONY B.... where are ya ???? lol
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    San Felipe Stories ???

    I heard a rumor @ contingency some dude sharpie'd the hood of TT 97 BJ Baldwin entry ??????????????
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    San Felipe Stories ???

    Anyone out there with stories, or something they saw ??? Congrats to TT 99..... Ronnie Gilliespie driving the second half for Nick and keeping up even with a transmission going down by Puertocito's/ Matomi area.... Quick repair and a 5th in TT......
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    Laughlin 2006?

    OH GREAT !!!!! The Bullhead City Desert Challenge ...... lmao
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    Laughlin 2006?

    I've heard rumor wise that Laughlin was going to be developed with a Condo/Marketplace MiniMall stuff for like 3 years now.... and Primm..... Fed Ex was going to purchase all the land between Jean and Primm, to build a huge Hub with an airport for their aircraft, since McCarron airport in Vegas...
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    San Felipe 250 racecourse...

    Your right Will, I read it as the same as usual too.... Counterclockwise is the same way its been running for some years.... Maybe they meant Clockwise and it was a typo????
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    Robby Signs with Jim Beam...

    I heard that Jimmy will have Ultra Wheels sponsor him also.... and something from Harrah's ....
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    CBD loses!

    CHILTON for President.. or at least for senate !!!!