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  • Hey Scott, do you have the movie available? I am interested in purchasing it. you can text me if you like. Thanks, Darren 562 225-6954
    Scott, quick question. Hope you don't mind me asking. What kind of camera do you prefer to use for your films? I'm not on the level of professional, I play around with a Canon T1i, but someday I'd love to invest in a quality camera that's great for shooting the sport.
    So "Trouble Seeker" from Cypress Hill's new album would make an awesome song for a video clip. I'm just sayin.
    I was wondering for a while now actually since september. what is the song and band in the Mcmillin clip from v2r the second song.
    hey scott when will the dvd be available for purchase? did you send it to any stores?
    hey scott how can i order a copy? did you happen to send any copies to any stores?
    hey scott im excited to see you finally came out with a dvd. ive been waiting. i tried to go to the web site to buy a copy but the buy now link didnt work. did you send any copys to any stores
    Yo, nice meeting you...again....Next time I will be in betetr form!!! yeah right!
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