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  • Thanks for the rep, I actually got that from Fly but thanks anyway. And it probably is the truth he is french! LOL!
    I gotta get a toy hauler with some sort of race car in the back of it!!!

    Are you still involved in sporty car racing anymore?

    What classes did you race?
    I still don't know where I'm pitting........I think I just need to ask to find out though........Where are you gonna be? Is your daughter coming with you again?

    I really wanna try to make it to the Montery Historics next year as a fan........not a racer.......I bet you knew that though....any advice....
    HEY!!! I just saw that your an instructor for SCCA licensing........I'm really really interested in Spec Racer Ford. I was thinking of taking the licensing class up at Buttonwillow....I'm not sure if I can pass the physical exam for my competition license though........Formula Ford, Spec Miata or Spec Racer Ford.....what do you recommend....Or maybe a different class........Hummmm........Maybe formula V..........I don't know. I would prefer a real race car and not a full bodied car. Formula cars really get me going and so do the SPF cars..........What do you think is the best bang for the buck........Off road is just waaay to expensive.....I saw an estimate of 1800.00 a weekend for SPF and that includes prep........I just need to start by hauling my butt to the next race.
    No, it's probably a little too early for that I never know until I get down there. i just show up and Cody tell's me what to do. Cody is the guy that makes the game plan. Try asking him. See you down there Scotty!
    Thanks for the posi rep . . . Bruce taught me a lot . . . He was my mentor, I really looked up to him. ;) I think of him more often than not.
    i will be down there mex with pab for pre run come out and go pre run with us r u part desert assassins with us ?
    when r u going send me asap text i will be at baja 500 come out there and i will give u my bussien cards and i will autogaph
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