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    IV250 Baldwin pit stop / tire change

    It's hard to tell at the beginning because he is far away but he was moving pretty good. As for the crew there was some issue with the jack and the truck wasn't high enough to put the new tire on, you can see once it's on they are pretty fast
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    IV250 Baldwin pit stop / tire change

    Still hauling ass with a destroyed tire
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    SCORE Imperial Valley 250 - info thread

    The Checkers Flag @ remote pit 2 stayed up fine, and we were totally unprotected, got some really bad wind
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    Source for quad shocks

    Check out elka's Dune edition, some of our riders that tested them out said that they worked pretty damm good ELKA DUNE EDITION
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    Porsche TT ???

    That would be cool to see.
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    have you sat on both? many people dislike the hard seat and seating position of the yfz and prefer the softer seat of the honda and better ergos. The honda is a little slower in stock form but i dont think that will matter once you mod it. but hey i dont even ride the things, i just sell them...
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    Red Bull Supermoto link

    i've seen that site before, but forgot about it, its pretty cool!
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    legal or illegal

    I don't think that he wants to take it on the street.
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    jetting on a yfz450

    i know that we(Alba) went through a couple different setups with regards to needles and jetting, they have been running the dyno all the time for the past couple of days and that thing is loud!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    jetting on a yfz450

    Thats what i heard too, i work at alba and they were having lots of trouble when those things first came out Let me see if i can see what specs we are using with our pipe, i dunno if that would even help but ill ask some of the mechanics. Also doesn't gyt-r have their own jet kit?
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    Lol... "can you cover my off ro.... i mean SHOW truck??
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    "South Chopper"

    Re: \"South Chopper\" lol..... i just saw that and all i can say is "what a joke!!" American chopper was good but redneck chopper???
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    Thanks for the link thats an awesome website... some samples: /\ | Larry Roeseler
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    New MX Game coming soon

    Ya i've been following that game for awhile and it looks like its going to be awesome. Here is a little trailer: click on the 2nd windows media file.
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    50 Weight Limit??

    I think the klx/drz 110 is the way to go, even stock its like a pimped out 50