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  • Seany,

    Sparkypyro sent you a PM as well, we're going to split it up if that's cool.

    sean , whats up? thinking about loors and was wondering if scott is racing this season. I was going to help him last season when he hurt his back and havent herd from him since. let me know, and if not will you be going in march? later dude
    Hey there SEANY, I don't beleive that I have been to your shop. What kind of tires do you sell?
    there is TV, i'm sorry you don't have a press release yet but there are many factors involved. these was a small error on one page of the contract and they needed to go back and rewrite it. this stuff takes time, if it was easy lucas would have gone out and got a better TV package, they haven't because they can't do it either. email me and i'll send you the letter of intent for the TV package.
    Hey Sean, I talked with Danny tonight to plan a meeting to get sponser info together for a potential I have cooking.
    Are you free on Thurs. 16th ?
    Her'e an email I got after I made then post from manufacturer that sponsers several drivers.

    Hey Jeff,

    I like your comments on the RDC forum, it is actually funny how often we follow the trends of individuals and the various forums.

    Please note that the scheduled release date for SA2010 is October 1, 2010.

    Have a great day.
    No lemons this time. I have too much going on in may between my race in caliente and the first two torc races.
    Oh great your going to have short course going in circles after AMA races???? Fail! hahahahahahaha j/k :D
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