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  • I do have a 6100 for sale and if your going to Barstow you should stop by Tucson on the way to look at mine. I have a Jimco C1 here you could look at and I can show the differences. My truck is a extremely clean well thought out competitive truck. Regardless of whether or not your interested in my 6100 and your driving through the area I'd be happy to show the differences.
    I just read your looking for advice on C1 or 6100. I have been involved in both classes have to say that 6100 is less to campaign but more difficult to prep.
    Hey Shane,
    I have the add in racing opportunity's. Saw That you just called us and called you back but only got your voicemail. Any ways I have a championship car that you can rent for the V2R or you can split it. Give me a call back.
    Tim Carolan
    VERY NICE class 10 car in Tucson Az. Call Brent McKee at SO•AZ motorsports. 520.203.3432. Tell him I sent you his way so you can get the best price.
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