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  • jim,
    after reading that the 3000 class has the potential of 30 or more participants, it would seem to me we could work out a bulk rate or wholesale rate for all in the class that need tires or parts that are better than the normal racer discounts, not all of the racers are getting the builders pricing, with numbers comes power! just a thought for the meeting.
    Hi Jim
    I am still trying to get the private forum but I cant get any of the site people to answer me. I have pmed the moderrators and klous with no reply maybee if we get more people then me to suggest this we as a group might be able to make this happen for i think it will be a good outlet for compiled public messages and calenders for class 3000. I also am going to have a chat room on my new web site you can check the test version out it is not complete yet.
    have a good day
    Brian Shaleen
    Thank you Jamie! Again I can't say enough how impressed we were with how well the event was run and how friendly everyone was. Hope to see you again soon!
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