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  • hey shred its jeff johnsen
    whats up with your car? how much? whats it come with?
    give me a call this weekend if you have a chance
    I saw your post about the class 9 chassis for sale
    could you send me some info
    Thanks Jeff. Felt good to flog it again. Looks like you guys finished well also. How did you like the "Real" desert racing?
    Where you been hiding out Jeff? haven't seen or heard from you in a while. December MORE race??? We are likely racing
    "Even you Drake" Huh, what'd I say? LOL BTW, some friends of mine are racing their 9 at Speedworld and having big fun. Maybe Glen Helen can provide a closer venue for you than Barstow, PC, or Parker.

    Have fun!
    After reading the class 9 thread, and seeing how you'd go run one of those...I'm down to help you out. This is probly the only class I'll ever be able to afford to run in, and would love to get some first hand experience on a 9. Get back to me.

    Get your facts straight before you start making judgments. I was called out by name and responded honestly. I "started" nothing.
    Glad to see your car got finished up. Can't wait for B@P!! The suspense is KILLING ME!!!!!
    bought a 9 car last week sandiego area now in norther nevada. Car #918 do you have any info. hot pink girlz names below window asley, amanda, candiee.
    Black body panels, raced baja 1000 in nov 2006, score tagged. little use, pro built chomemoly tubing ?????
    Hey Jeff, I deleted your phone # from my PMs and was unable to get back with ya, have ya got your car back yet? Would be kinda cool to look it over and if I could I would be willing to get ya some cheap/free aid if ya needed it.
    Let me know if you need any help on your 9. I'm here in HB so I'm close by. I work on my friends 5/1600 and 12 cars.
    Why aren't we friends :) LOL Long time no talk to!! Did you have a nice weekend? It was nice meeting you even if it was brief at the pizza place :)
    Basically the same question as this other guy, what welder is that. Cause i want to by a welder that will build me a class 9 cage, and yours seems to work well.
    how do you like your craftsman welder???ive been thinking of buying one because of the warrenty on it..What model do you have?..I want to get one to build my cage up
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