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    50th Mint 400?

    #FakeNews Mad Media right up there with CNN! Shrek
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    MAG7 left us hanging

    But, we will be talking sheet on RDC now........ Shrek
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    Vildosola says he has a video of BJ cheating? link wont work? anyone ?

    Re: vilodosa says he has a video of BJ cheating? link wont work? anyone ? Vildosola is the correct spelling. If your going to talk ** ¡Ay, caramba!**** ¡Ay, caramba!**** ¡Ay, caramba!**** ¡Ay, caramba!**, at least have the common courtesy to spell the name correctly. It's obvious that Tavo...
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    It's apparent Tavo realized he blew it.......stopped to make sure they saw him......and then continued. BJ blew buy without lifting at all.......big difference. Rules are Rules. Shrek
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    Dan! You might get 3rd! I'm pulling for ya! Shrek
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    This is from Tavo Vildosola.....I am posting on his behalf as he is not able to post for some reason..... We have been monitoring this situation all morning long...The simple truth behind this video is that we have no reason to pit on the highway, risk our chances of winning our second Baja...
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    Congrats - you drove like an idiot at the Baja1000

    Re: chase truck etiquette $$ Driving highway 1 safely We only own one Red Raptor.....what time was this and what day? Shrek
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    149 SAM BERRI vs 1456 Brandon "AMATEUR HOUR" Aurther

    Plain and matter the reason, if you hit someone so hard you break your own are being abusive.....and instantly in the wrong for whatever damage you cause. I think he was in thick sand and was afraid of getting stuck if he pulled over and stopped......listen to how...
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    Rental Trailer needed

    Thats going to be tough to find to need a deckover trailer (heavy) or something with drive over wheel wells........need to find another racer to help out..... Shrek
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    Connor Penhall killed by a car this morning

    Very Sad indeed........heard early this morning..........another tragic loss to one of our Desert Racing Families........... The entire Penhall Family is in our thoughts and prayers......... Godspeed, Connor. Shrek
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    No Vildosola's at San Felipe 250?

    We are not running San Felipe........Big things planned for the 500! Super excited! Shrek
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    San Felipe 250 2012 contingency

    Since when do we need sidewalks? Cant wait to get there sidewalks or not. Shrek
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    rental car police

    One of my favorite rental sayings..........being that I am in the rental business........."Dont be gentle, its a Rental!" Or you never hear........"Be careful Bill, its a rental.." Shrek
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    Who do you think is going to win the Baja 1000?

    TAVO! (biased)
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    Welcome to robby gordon's speed energy desert challenge

    Thats impressive..............I want to know where they got 12 water trucks in September! Shrek