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  • is there somwhere I can get all the info about the PDG, I am kinda confused on what to do next like how to get setup to race, mind you the trucks not done yet but you know I wanna at least make it to the last two races for us low classes Bark River and Crandon.
    your being more defensive then anything friend i'm just asking questions, if you don't have answers for them then shut up. i dont hate torc it just smells fishy
    same here. i think the meeting went well and if things go as planned it will be great!
    I got my seat for my truck finally. total overkill but better then underkill Mastercraft 3g :D
    I wish I could work on the truck too dam cold and I am in vegas trying to get a rental car to Laughlin.
    this merger ( or whatever it is) is getting interesting I hope they don't get rid of grassroots racing. You guys gonna be at the first Crandon race, and can you send some warm weather this way so I can finish my garage.:D
    Hey, Sick! I'm down here in South Dakota, good to see someone who's SOMEWHAT near me! I think someone from Utah was the next closest to me!
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