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  • Hi Rick,

    Our website is John Clark is the promoter. His email and phone are:, 512-848-4344. My contact info is: Steve Frick,, 512-751-3483. We are working on the 2012 schedule. I will let you know when it is finalized.

    El Mismo, nomas que me llego un pinchi bill tamano CAGUAMA, Kah!!
    Lo acabo de pagar, como un pinchi pago de un carro. La Lizeth agarro un telephono nuevo y nomas lo puso en la cuenta y pinchi guamazote.....pero ahi ta' ya sirve.....MF Tupac or WUT?!!!
    what's yo phone numba!? are you alone? gotta pocket full of...

    dude, I called your cell phone y nada, need to tell you who I saw the other day, blast from the past
    B16..Thanks, we will be racing the Mexicali Logistics 3oo, so if you want to tag along....
    Ok heres the deal, my girls cousin was the only one to have a decent digital camcorder. Imma try and get the pictures and videos sent to you! I have to get him to download the stuff, then send it to me, or I dont know!!!! But ill fInd a way to get you the "STUFF!" BTW, B14, or B16? It sounded nice! Great to see you finally getting the pieces of the puzzle straightened out! Good luck bro!
    or three or four, have as many as you want, you are always welcomed.
    Nos vemos alla Kah!!!
    HEY GWEY! KE onda KAH!! See you at Jacume, Im trying to finish TT 420! Ill let you know whats up! Ill go to your guys pit and have a beer or two!
    How much for guat?

    I think we saw a special in the AAA book for about $700/person for the resort plus airfare for 5 days in Boscobel Jamaica, we're aiming for Boscobel or Ocho Rios, so if you want search the web for deals in those two. is a good place to start looking too, I think they have a 45% off deal right now if you reserve it for a $200 deposit per person
    Avatar, very nice how much?!
    Passport, check.
    AAA I don't have but I will look into it.
    Sea worts, Next weekend. taking the whole crew.
    No guerries my friend. Yo tengo sea world passes so when you're up here for that let me know

    I'm still getting all my paperwork figured out for the home I'm trying to buy.

    The wedding is still planned for Jamaica right near da beach on March 24th, if you have AAA they have some good deals and can put you on a payment plan. We finally went to get our passports on Saturday, $105 each I think

    I dont know about Jacume yet, if I go it'll be very last mintue
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